The 2 Main Stages Of The Dr. Gerson Therapy

In recent years, Dr. Max Gerson became a well-known physician – but decades after his death. How did that happen? It appears that one of his experiments and researches about the cure for cancer did not make it to the news. It was only several decades later when people knew h ...


Dr. Gerson Cancer Therapy And How It Is Done against Cancer

Most people do not know this but there are cancer cells in the human body even if that person is completely healthy and does not experience any of the symptoms of the dreaded disease. However, these cells are too few to be a threat to the body. Unfortunately, if a person beg ...


The Benefits of Undergoing Dr. Max Gerson Cancer Therapy

For so long there have only been three known solutions for cancer – surgery to remove the cancerous cysts, chemotherapy and radiation, and both. Whichever of the three options you choose you will experience two major things – pain and high expenses. No wonder a lot of cancer ...