7 Coffee Enema Benefits to Keep You Strong and Healthy

Organic coffee enema image by Enema Kits AustraliaNowadays, people are becoming aware that they need to take care of their body today in order to prevent illnesses and sicknesses tomorrow. Some popular health regimes and habits today include living right, getting rid of vices, exercising regularly and eating the right kinds of food.

It may look easy, but as a matter of fact, living healthy takes a lot of commitment and dedication. But how about those who came from an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy habits and unhealthy diet? Is there hope for them as well?

Fortunately, there is. However, it will take a lot of cleansing in order for these people to completely get rid of all the trash they piled inside their body. There are various ways to do this – some require drinking nutritious supplemental drinks, while others prefer smoothies and blended fruits.

In case you are looking for another way to get rid of all the toxins in your body, particularly in the digestive tract, you better start conducting enemas.

What are enemas?

An enema is a fluid in a container or bag that helps in cleansing the gut and flushing out the unnecessary debris, to achieve better digestion. The fluid is placed in a small bag or container that has a small tube below it. The small tube is then inserted inside the anus, before the clamp of the bag is released. Then, gravity would pull down the fluid until it enters the anus, into the large intestine. Here, the water stays inside the gut for a few minutes, softening compacted waste, and getting of other harmful substances.

Afterward, the person will take out the tube from his anus, and allow the fluid to flush out from his body. This entire process keeps the body healthy and free from harmful substances especially those that are found in the digestive tract.

Since the dawn of time, enemas have been used in order to treat diseases and conditions concerning the digestive system. In ancient times, the nobility in Egypt used enemas to cleanse their bodies. Their belief on enemas were so strong that they even believed it can clean and cast out evil spirits from the person’s body. Obviously, that custom has not been scientifically proven and so today, enemas are mainly used for detox and cleansing.

Introducing the Coffee Enema

Back in the day, only water was used in enema cleanse habits. As the universal solvent, water has been believed to be the most effective fluid in performing enema detox.

However, as time went on, people have soon discovered that other fluids may be used in the cleansing. Aside from the natural capabilities of liquids to flush out waste, the added properties of certain fluids provide even more positive effects and benefits.

One of the enema kits that have been gaining attention these days is the coffee enema.

Today, coffee is as popular as ever. From a mere stimulant, coffee beverages are now bought for socialization and as a treat. Experts point out that there are two very important substances in coffee – caffeine and palmitic acid. These two substances provide the ‘kick’ that coffee brings to any drinker.

Enema experts and manufacturers then thought of using coffee in enemas, and it worked. Over the past couple of years, a lot of enema enthusiasts have tried and liked using a coffee enema kit to keep themselves refreshed and energised.

In case you are wondering what coffee enemas can do for you, here are seven of its many benefits:

  1. Reduces the body’s level of toxicity – Coffee enemas are said to reduce the body’s level of toxicity by over 600 percent! This is because a significant portion of all the toxins is the body is located inside the digestive tract.
  2. Used by experts in providing treatment for cancer – At the Gerson Institute, coffee enemas are used by medical experts in treating cancer and other chronic illnesses. They are aiming to develop an alternative medicine to cancer, which today requires numerous tests and procedures.
  3. Detoxifies, repairs, and energises the liver – While water enema only cleanses the gut, coffee enema can have an impact to the functions of the liver. The liver is among the most important internal organs of the body because it takes care of different harmful substances that people eat. However, when it becomes overworked, it may not function well without a kickstart.
  4. Eliminated various parasites as well as candida – Various living entities can be found inside the digestive tract, particularly the large intestine. Some good flora and fauna actually help the body in digestion, breaking down everything until only waste products remain. However, there are also bad bacteria and fungi that may lead to certain bowel disorders. Thankfully, enema cleansing helps in flushing these microbes out of your body.
  5. Boosts energy – The caffeine in coffee is known as an energy booster and mind stimulator. Even if it is taken unconventionally (through the anus), it still has the same properties and capabilities. That is one reason coffee enemas are so good for people who have hyperacidity.
  6. Improves bowel movement – Enemas in general help in peristalsis, or the involuntary movement of the muscles in the digestive system. This makes bowel movement smooth and hassle free.
  7. Takes care of common bowel issues and problems – Are you suffering from diarrhea? Constipation? Irritated bowel syndrome? Bloating? Whatever the case may be, taking an enema can help solve these issues. Just make sure you are using an organic solution.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits a home enema kit can do for you. Enemas using water are effective in cleansing, but coffee enemas provide a ton more benefits than mere cleansing. If you are searching for a health regime you can do for the rest of your life, coffee enemas are the way to go.

How to Perform an Enema Cleanse

Now that you are aware how important it is to cleanse and detox your gut every once in a while, the choice is yours. If you choose to try enema cleansing, make sure pick an organic coffee enema kit. This way you would not worry whether substance it safe or not.

There are products in the market that contain ground coffee, while there are enema kits that have coffee beans. Choose your coffee enema kit based on your preference. There are various types of kits, and each one has its own unique set of features. The standard and most used enema kit is the one with the rubber bag, clamp and tube. Once you have bought your enema kit, just follow the steps:

  • Prepare a small pan and place your coffee beans. Add water and let it boil. (If your coffee enema is powdered, proceed to third bullet point.)
  • After boiling, allow the solution to simmer for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to use the coffee enema when it is near body temperature. Take note that using the enema too cold is better than using it too hot.
  • Prepare the area where you will conduct the enema cleansing. Your bathroom is the ideal place to do it.
  • Prepare the enema kit, as well as other things you need for the cleansing. This includes tissue paper, bath towels, and some soothing music if you prefer.
  • Place the enema coffee bag at an elevated place where the fluid can freely flow once the clamp has been released.
  • Lie on your back or side, and look for a comfortable position. Use oil or any lubricant for your anus to avoid any discomfort once you insert the tube.
  • Let the coffee enema flow into your anus. Continue the procedure until the enema bag is empty.
  • Allow the coffee solution to stay inside your gut for a few minutes. Afterwards, take out the tube and the solution will slowly be flushed out. You may do this while sitting or standing.

Performing enema cleansing is indeed strange, although it is definitely rewarding. For hundreds of years, people have benefitted greatly after performing enemas on a regular basis. Even today, people who have added enema treatments in their daily or weekly regimes revealed that they have no plans of stopping. Some of them just gave it a try and liked see how it would go. Once they experienced the cleansing enema provides, they are continuing to use it. That’s how good it feels!

Aside from coffee enemas, there are also types of enema solution. Some manufacturers began using tea leaves that can add another dimension and characteristic to the enema cleansing experience. Whether you like coffee or tea, enemas will ensure that you feel good about yourself afterward.

If you are searching for a trusted source of quality coffee enemas, you may visit Enema Kits, which is based in Australia. For many years, this local business has provided top quality enema kits that have changed the lives of consumers. To know more about enema cleansing and enema kits, call them today on (1300) 475 877.

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