How to do a Coffee Enema at Home in 6 Simple Steps

The gut or the colon is also called the large intestine and is responsible for getting all the remaining absorbable nutrients from the food you eat. It also absorbs water, electrolytes and other substances that your body can still use for its functions. After several hours inside the colon, the food becomes faecal matter and is taken out by the rectum through defecation.

The gut is a very important part of the digestive tract because it gets rid of substances that can be harmful for the body. However, if the colon is full of toxic compounds, and there are faeces that are not disposed off right away, this may lead to certain conditions. This can also result in symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting and many more.

One way to cleanse your colon and prevent these symptoms is to have enemas. An enema is a form of hydrotherapy that aims to flush out the toxins and harmful substances from your colon. In this article we are going to cover how to do an enema from home.

How to give yourself a coffee enema at home

Coffee enemas are one of the most popular enema solutions for people who want to clean their gut or colon. Why coffee? It’s because it has a substance called caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, which means it helps in promoting brain functions and keeping alert. However, if coffee is taken the usual way, that is, through drinking, there are a number of side effects including an upset stomach.

On the other hand, taking a caffeine-rich solution through an enema treatment yields the same benefits for brain function minus the acidity. If you are interested in taking coffee enema in the comfort of your own home, here are some steps you should follow.

How to give yourself an enema:

  1. Prepare your enema kit together with the coffee solution. Whether your enema kit is brand new or already used, do not forget to clean it thoroughly. It is also advisable that the tube does not contain any air before you use it. Submerge it in water and allow the water to fill its length. Meanwhile, your coffee solution should not be just any coffee. It should be specifically prepared for an enema treatment.
  2. Prepare your chosen area. Whether you want to have the enema in your bathtub or just lying on the floor, make sure the area is comfortable and relaxing. You can place a mat or rag in the area to help manage waste and stains.
  3. Prepare yourself. After preparing the materials needed, you should also prepare yourself for the treatment. You can play some soothing background music to keep your muscles and mind relaxed.
  4. Lie down. Once all the preparations are done lie on your back or on your side and insert the tube of the enema kit inside your anus. You may use a non-petroleum lubricant so you can insert it easily. Remember not to go beyond four inches deep because you may tear some colonic walls. Then, you can now open the clamp and wait until the coffee enema solution flows into you.
  5. Take it in for a while. Once the enema bag has been emptied, it is advised that you keep the fluid inside your colon for about 12 minutes to get optimal results in your cleansing.
  6. Flush out the fluids. Now, you can flush out the fluids from your colon together with any toxins, chemical substances and even microbes. Afterwards, you will surely feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

As you may have observed, doing coffee enemas in your own home is easy, hassle-free, and discreet compared to other hydrotherapy sessions like colonic irrigation. You just need a durable and quality enema kit, your chosen solution and you can take it from there.

How do coffee enemas work?

Like other types of enemas, coffee enemas are used to wash and cleanse the gut, particularly the lower portion of the colon. Interestingly, coffee has natural antioxidants and agents that help in cleaning the large intestine, taking out any waste material that can be harmful for the body if not treated right away.

The coffee enema is a method in hydrotherapy wherein the lower portions of the colon, specifically the transverse, descending and sigmoid, are treated for toxins, waste materials, and even parasites that can lead to various illnesses.

When do you need to treat your colon?

Most people do not know that the food they eat greatly affects body processes. If you are the type of person who does not watch the food he eats, then you may be at risk of developing colon-related problems. Some common issues concerning the colon include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and even colon cancer.

What coffee enemas do is provide the detoxification that your colon desperately needs so that it can perform its functions properly. Coffee has long been used for medicinal purposes particularly in the fields of herbal, folk and even shamanic medicine. However, there is a scientific basis why it has been used for body cleansing and treatment of diseases.

Aside from a natural detoxifying agent, the caffeine in coffee is also a diuretic, which means it can help people who are having problems with regular bowel movement. However, drinking coffee especially in very strong amounts may cause more damages than benefits to the individual. In comparison, allowing the coffee to enter through the colon is a better and healthier alternative.

Identifying home coffee enema health benefits

Coffee enema, especially one that is done from home presents a ton of enema benefits for the human body. Here are some of the main factors where it can contribute to a holistic approach in health and wellness:

  • Helps in peeling off the top layer of the mucous membrane. Coffee is a known astringent that can help peel or take away the topmost layer of the colon walls. These layers are often filled with toxic materials and so peeling them naturally actually helps the body.
  • Improves peristalsis in the colon. Peristalsis is what scientists call the involuntary movement of digestive muscles so that food and other substances can be taken to the rectum for ‘disposal.’ The compounds in coffee help the colon ‘kick-start’ its functions, allowing it to get rid of compacted faeces, nests of yeast colonies and other forms of harmful bacteria.
  • Helps the liver in conversion of digested food into energy. There are some people who are referred to as ‘slow oxidisers’. These are individuals who burn food nutrients slower than normal. When this happens, glucose and energy production are delayed, giving the person an exhausted and tired feeling. With the help of coffee enemas, the liver will function better.
  • Overall cleansing to reduce toxicity inside the intestine. The coffee enema solution has antiseptic qualities, which prevent the growth of bacteria inside the colon. This means you can achieve a healthier digestive tract if you take coffee enemas every once in awhile. The coffee enema can also prevent toxic substances from being produced by bacteria, yeast, parasites and other pathogenic microbes.
  • Offers a variety of nutrients for the body. Coffee also has some useful substances for the body such as selenium, zinc and potassium, all of which are very important elements that help in digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Improves the hydration of the body. A lot of people today suffer from dehydration due to lack of water intake. If you love sugary and alcoholic foods and beverages, you need to drink more water. In addition, too much caffeine is also bad for your health. Good thing, coffee enemas do not have limits and you can do it almost every day if you wish.

While it may seem a strange health regimen, coffee enemas are perfectly safe as long as you ensure to follow the steps provided in the kit. Moreover, you may also check online and see how people are using their enema kits to improve their overall wellbeing. Just a quick search online and you will be surprised how much discussion is generated about colonic hydrotherapies such as enemas.

Another great thing about coffee enemas is that anyone can do it, and it can be done in any private area. You can even buy a disposable enema kit if you are planning to have enema cleansing while you are on vacation. The procedure only takes about 15 to 30 minutes and you’re done – you can achieve a healthier and cleaner colon in such a short period of time! Have a coffee enema regularly and you will achieve a healthier digestive system, better absorption of nutrients, regular bowel movement, and you can even lose weight.

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  1. Great post! I usually used coffee enemas twice a day. At first it was quite hard but then practice makes it more easier and comfortable. Now my body naturally loved them and feel more relaxed after doing a coffee enema at home.

  2. I’m experiencing difficulty holding the coffee enema for the full recommended time. And your post is perfect me who is just starting out with coffee enemas!

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