Some Pointers To Remember On How To Make Coffee Enema

If you’re ready to embark on a life-changing wellness journey, you need to start change in the liver and colon.  As most illnesses and diseases we encounter are caused by our eating habits it is only natural that we focus on the digestive and excretory system. A healthy colon and well functioning liver reflect our state of health and wellness.

A colon that is clear of toxins performs its vital functions efficiently. On the other hand, if the colon is blocked by fecal material, waste products and toxins you will experience many health issues and even develop conditions that are detrimental to health. It is therefore critical for us to maintain good colon health. There are many ways to do this. Aside from switching to clean eating habits, performing a coffee enema at home can play an important part in your well-being.

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What is a coffee enema?

shutterstock_279465056In essence, coffee enema is a practice wherein high volumes of coffee concentrate are introduced to the colon for thorough detoxing through removal of waste materials. Coffee is an efficient medium to break down fecal matter, induce bile production, and facilitate the immediate and effective exit of toxins from the body.

On average, the colon contains at least 7 pounds of fecal matter on a daily basis. This amount does not include the waste eliminated from your daily bowel movement.          You are heavy not just because you’re eating unhealthy food, but because your body retains materials that shouldn’t be stored in the first place. This procedure will deliver enema coffee benefits that include deep cleansing and detoxification as the body is given the ability to eliminate all this waste permanently.

Subsequent coffee enemas at home should be a habit to ensure that the colon and liver regains its normal functions and that the digestive system absorbs more nutrients from the food that we eat. In addition, the use of organic coffee enema kits should never be abused or used more than actually prescribed.

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What to use for coffee enema?

The most preferred type of coffee used in coffee enemas is Robusta coffee. For those who don’t know how to make coffee enema, the use of light roasted Robusta coffee will ensure that caffeine does its job of stimulating the liver to produce more bile. Decaffeinated and instant coffee mixes should be avoided at all costs when doing coffee enemas at home.


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