Colonic Hydrotherapy Perth – What You Need To Know

shutterstock_647970466Constipation, tiredness and lack of energy are often a result of toxic waste in the colon, accumulated over several years of consuming a low-fibre diet. It common across all states in Australia and Perth is no exception. To eliminate toxins from the body, many people in Perth nowadays resort to colonic hydrotherapy

 Colon Hydrotherapy Perth – What it Entails

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation is a procedure recommended by naturopaths and involves purified water being introduced into the colon to flush out accumulated toxins in the body. No chemicals are used during the treatment. Colon hydrotherapy is administered by a trained hydrotherapist. Most people claim a sense of  wellbeing soon after the process has been completed.

Colonic machines have a self cleaning program so they can be used repeatedly without interruption throughout the day. The colon hydrotherapist can change the settings to suit the individual needs of their patients. For instance a patient who is severely constipated will be treated differently to someone who is mildly constipated.

Apart from the machine itself, all the equipment such as tubing, speculum, gloves and table covers are disposable to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Hydrotherapy Perth – Who Should Avoid the Procedure

Before visiting a Hydrotherapy Clinic in Perth, it is important for people to determine the underlying reasons for colon hydrotherapy and why they are constipated? Very often the reason could be a lack of fibre in their diet, in which case a simple diet change can remedy the situation.

Anyone who suffers from kidney or heart disease should avoid a colon hydrotherapy.The procedure should also be avoided by people who have hypertension, abdominal hernia, aneurysm or severe hemorrhoids.

Colonic Irrigation Perth – Choosing the Best Centre

A Google search for Colonic Perth will reveal several centres, however you will have to do your own due diligence to determine which one is best for you. Prices start at around $95, and depending on your personal situation, you may be advised to repeat the treatment 3 or 4 times for best results.

Apart from the cost, it’s important to find a centre with certified practitioners who aren’t just proficient at what they do, but will go out of their way in making you feel comfortable and treat you with respect.

Call a few colonic irrigation Perth centres to see whether they take the time to explain what the procedure involves, and are able to answer all your questions and concerns.

Since you will need to take off work for each session, you may also need to consider how close or far the centre is from your home or place of work, and whether they are open on a weekend.

Read more information about Colonic Irrigation in Perth.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

There are several benefits of colonic irrigation, beginning with improved digestion and the prevention of constipation. Detoxing the colon gets rid of undigested waste and eases bowel regularity.

When waste is pushed out of the colon, bacteria no longer have a place to breed and the body is able to absorb nutrients better, leading to improved health. Better nutrition leads to higher energy flows, mental clarity and concentration.

Flushing toxins from the body often leads to a drop in weight which helps with starting a weight-loss program. For best results, it’s important to switch to a high-fibre diet.

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Enema – A Convenient Home Based Detox Option

While colonic irrigation is helpful in cleansing the colon of toxic waste, it may not always be the most convenient, especially for those who are rushed for time and constantly on the move. Fortunately, a colon cleanse can also be done in the comfort of home using an enema kit.

In fact coffee enemas are fast becoming one of the most popular home based enemas and coffee enema kits come with a supply of coffee solution, so there’s no need to brew the coffee.

One of Australia’s leading enema kit suppliers, our online store, Enema Kits Australia has a range of products which are suitable for first-time or repeat users. The products are discreetly packed and shipped out within 48 hours of receiving an order. View our entire range or call 1300 475 877 to make an enquiry.


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