7 Important Tips on How to Use an Anal Enema

7 Important Tips on How to Use an Anal Enema image by Enema kits AustraliaIn our previous article we discussed various important tips about douching in general, but specifically we looked at enema issues such as important points about use of enema and how to effectively clean douching equipment; besides explaining what is entailed in enema therapy and vaginal irrigation. At the same time, we dispelled certain myths associated with this form of orifice and bowel management by stressing that this is one of the best remedies against after sex filth eradication. We also discussed ways of dealing with after meal constipation that might clog our digestive tracts from time to time.

The article further gave a rundown of the advantages and benefits linked to regular cleaning of douching kits, how to effectively use enema kits, the implicit risks inherent in douching therapy, interesting points about application of the kits and, finally, the article ended by comparing the pros and cons of this form of hygiene by putting this in a frame-work of recent studies that have been carried out about the supplies and application of different douching techniques. If you missed the article, you’d better hurry and check our previous postings before reading on! However, if all you need is detailed information about how to effectively apply anal enema, then you are right on spot…read on!

A word of caution though! The discussion that follows might be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about douching, but it is specifically meant to appeal to gay men, or transsexuals and women who might be inclined to experiment with anal sex.

What is anal enema and why would you need it?

Anal enema simply refers to irrigating or cleaning the anal orifice. Although facts associated with anal enema are in the domain of great disputes, one unchallengeable fact medical historians and other experts in this field agree on is that gay men enema tubes gained popularity with the increased number of men/women who preferred anal sex. As documented by different sex historians, the rising number of homosexual males necessitated the invention of a means of cleaning their anuses before sex. Although the traditional methods of cleaning oneself using water and soap is safe, it however, does not remove all the filth embedded in this orifice,  and therefore practitioners of anal sex have increasingly resorted to male douching techniques as an effective and safe alternative to removing filth from the anus before sex.

Disgusting! Never mind just keep your eyes glued to the text, but remember to filter out the information you don’t need. After all, you might want to maintain a gleaming anus for other reasons besides sex! So, where were we? Alright…presently, douche bulb equipment are gaining in popularity with the swelling number of homosexuals and other sex-adventurers, including women who nurse an insatiable craving to find out, the joys and pleasures, if any, of anal sex. One basic fact to bear in mind is that just like vaginal douches, anal douches for gay men primarily serve the purpose of eliminating filth from hard-to-reach recesses in our bodies. These devices are superb for anal play or anal sex. And with the exception of any other application of an anal douche, any of these devices can effectively remove contamination or impurities that can cause infection.

That said, are there any risks associated with this form of male douching technique?

Yes, indeed your fears are not baseless, neither are your doubts imaginary! Here is why?

  1. Although they are relatively safe to use, anal douches can cause injury to the delicate tissue linings of the anus if they are not correctly used.
  2. Due to the delicate nature of the anal lining, any slight abrasions or tears to the inner tissues might lead to chronic and painful infections.
  3. Although it is recommended that one applies lubricants during douching and in the process of intercourse, some lubrication might contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the anus.

How about any benefits to guys douching?

  1. The upside of the risks mentioned above is that eliminating filth from the anal orifice can reduce the chances of your contracting an infection.
  2. Again, since these devices are designed for different experience levels, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes providing an ideal range of choices for anal cleaning before sex.
  3. And since there are a variety of products out in the market, is there a way of comparing them so that one can find what’s right for him? Yes, you need not cast about in doubt when you are searching for what will suit you best! There are myriad anal douches that present veritable options for women and men experimenting with anal sex.
  4. The products in the market provide simple, quick and effective solutions to anal hygiene.
  5. Despite the increase in demand for these products, they apparently do not obey the economic laws of demand and supply – that is more demand, less supply translating to escalating prices. Douching tubes are relatively cheap everywhere although increased demand gives rise to new products every now and then.

And now, with so many choices, are there any special features that you might want to look for when buying an anal douche?

Absolutely! How else would you find the right fit for your anus? There are two basic features to consider while you are out hunting for an ideal gay anal device.

  1. Nozzle design: Without forgetting that your anal lining has delicate tissue that are susceptible to tear, your choice of a product that has the right type of nozzle that will fit into your anus is very important. There are products that come with beaded or grooved nozzles. These kinds of nozzles are like a double-edged sword – they can cut either side because the grooves can alternately add pleasure for some, while for others it can be a big cause of discomfort. This also applies to the width and length of the nozzles. Shorter, thinner nozzles are not as effective as thicker, longer nozzles for providing precise cleaning.
  2. Spray Pattern: An essential aspect to any form of anal douche is the type of spray pattern that comes with the equipment. While some are made with a spray pattern that covers a wider area, others have a lineal or straight pattern of spray. The advantage of a wider spray pattern is that it enhances the effectiveness of eliminating the filth from the sphincter, and it also cleanses the anus faster than a pattern that sprays the liquid in a straight jet.

What are some of the gay men enema best practices?

Depending on the experience level of the user, different douche bulb devices offer varying levels of best practices. However, there are standard procedures of how to effectively use an anal douche. Sample some the following tips about enema for gays’ best practices.

  1. Since the tissues of your rectal cavity tears easily, it is imperative to thoroughly clean the douche equipment before using it. This is because any filth or contamination of the device can increase the likelihood of an infection.
  2. It is essential to diligently lubricate both the anal cavity and the douche.
  3. It is not advisable to use soapy water that is scalding hot. Hot water can damage the device or scald your delicate anal lining, while soap can cause irritation to the anal cavity. The device should be filled with tepid water.
  4. While inserting the douche into the rectal cavity, the bulb should be gently squeezed to release the water into the rectum.
  5. Before squeezing more water into your body, you should pause and take stock of how your body is reacting to the solution you are applying.
  6. Once this is done, the douche should be removed so that the water is released into the rectum.
  7. This process must be continued until the water is free and clear of any contamination and filth.

If you take care to stick to these rules, definitely, you will enjoy both your enema and sex! And while we are at this, assuming you are just about to experiment with anal enema, does wanting to know the difference between a douche and enema ever cross your mind? If that is the case, sit back and relax. Stop biting your nails because whichever technique you decide to use, the destination remains the same – perfectly irrigated anal canal. Even so, there are still a few basic differences between the two.

  1. Unlike enemas, douches rarely include adjustable water valves.
  2. For those who might want deeper intestinal cleaning, there is bad news about douches – the devices do not come fitted with nozzles that can accomplish this feat.
  3. Enemas hold more water than douches. So if you want a sparkling butt all the times you’d be better off using an enema device.

Having said all these, here is best gay douching technique at a glance:

  1. During intercourse and prior to douching ensure proper lubrication.
  2. Never, ever forget to wash a douche bulb before and after using it.
  3. At no time should you use scalding or extremely cold water.
  4. A douche should be applied at least 45 minutes before intercourse.

Don’t go away! In the next article, you will read about how far an enema tube should be inserted, and how to perform an enema at home. Stay tuned in.

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