Anal Douching 101- What You Need To Know Before Bottom Play

Anal Douching 101- What You Need To Know Before Bottom Play article image by Enema Kits Australia

Anal sex doesn’t get as much love and appreciation as straight sex. But for millions of gay lovers, it is the only way to go! The pleasure and satisfaction from anal play is overshadowed by negative preconceptions that it is nothing but an uncomfortable and dirty form of intercourse. But let me tell you, anal sex is just as fun and orgasmic as traditional intercourse. The key to anal play satisfaction is cleanliness. And there’s no other way to achieve this than with anal douching.  

Why should you douche?

Good hygiene is top priority during anal stimulation. As we all know, the anal canal primarily functions as a channel where fecal matter is stored and expelled during bowel movements. This being its primary role, stimulation and manipulation are most commonly frowned upon by a majority of people. We’re guessing these people are completely unaware of the pleasurable sensations that accompany anal play.

The outer area of the anus is a highly sensitive region as this region is saturated with nerve endings. Applying just the right amount of pressure during anal play, and the right movements can make one moan in sheer pleasure.

Anal sex involves deeper penetration. Nerve endings are fewer on the deeper end of the anus which means less pain is experienced by bottoms. However, this may also mean that any damage or tear on the tissues may not be felt right away resulting in an infection if douching is not performed beforehand.

Douching is necessary not only for bottoms, but also for women who engage in anal play. Anal douching is commonplace among gay men as it is the only sexual penetration that they can perform aside from foreplay. To ensure that anal encounters are hygienic, fun, and safe, douching for men is a practice that needs to become a habit in the long run.

Misconceptions about anal douching.

Gay douche techniques have a bad reputation due to the following misconceptions:

  • Male douche increases the risk of STDs and HIV.
  • Anal douche can result in cuts and tears that make for painful sex.
  • Bottoms are dirty spaces that should never be penetrated.
  • Gay douche can interrupt regular bowel movements.

Just like any other procedure, anal douching has its’ own set of pros and cons. However, you can minimize risk factors by proper douching and the use of the right tools to cleanse the anal region.

Male douche is a sanitary practice. Its main job is to facilitate the expulsion of fecal matter from the anal canal. STDs and HIV can be avoided if you wear condoms. Gay douching is not a culprit to cross infections and the rise of STDs, but instead works to minimise the incidence altogether.

Anal douching, when done properly, will not result in tissue injury. The anus features a mucosal lining that facilitates water and nutrients absorption. If done frequently, anal douching can cause more harm than good among bottoms. One tip that bottoms need to always remember is that douching should only be done twice every 30 days at most. This will ensure that the mucosal lining does not dry up.

Frequent manipulation or entry of the anal canal can result in cuts or nicks. In order to prevent such injuries, bottoms are advised to use lubrication when inserting the nozzle up the rectum. A silicone-based or water-based lubricant may be used in tandem with an anal douche kit.

Douching Kits – What are they?

There are three different types of douching kits. These devices can be used for shallow cleansing aka anal douche or deep cleansing aka enema. Douche kits come in different shapes and sizes. It is important to learn about them so you can device which one will perfectly fit your needs and budget.

Bulb Douche Kit

By far, the most popular is the two-piece douche kits that feature an enema bulb and a nozzle. This two-part kit is inexpensive and very easy to use, too!

The enema bulb is made from either rubber or silicone. It basically holds the water that is introduced into the rectum. Quality enema bulbs are squeezable and are easy to grip.

The nozzle is a device connected to the syringe bulb. It comes in different lengths and widths, so do make sure to get one that fits your requirements. The head of the nozzle has three different shapes; basic, grooved, and beaded. For first time users, choose a nozzle with a smooth tip. A smooth tip minimizes the risk of cuts or tears during insertion. A longer nozzle is what you need if you want to perform an enema. If you only require shallow cleansing, choose one with a shorter nozzle.

Shower Anal Douche Kit

Shower kits are for those who have had experience with using bulb syringe douche kits. It’s certainly not for beginners. This device is connected to the shower, thus allowing for continuous flow of water to the rectum. Shower kits also allow stronger water pressure as it is connected directly to the shower. There are anal douche shower kits with controls that enable users to control the water pressure.

Enema Bags

As the name implies, an enema bag is for those who want to perform deeper, more thorough anal cleansing. It is a somewhat hybrid apparatus that features some characteristics of a shower douche and a bulb syringe kit. Enema kits consist of a bag or water bottle attached to a long nozzle. The bag is elevated and attached to the shower. By gravity, the water flows through the nozzle and down the anal canal. There are enema bags available which come with pressure regulation controls.

How to use an anal douche?

Here is a brief, step-by-step guide on how to use an anal douche. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that you perform an efficient cleanse each and every time.

1. Clean devices thoroughly

Brand new kits should be cleansed and rinsed thoroughly prior to use. This also applies to enema bags and shower kits that you have in storage. Remember that anal douching is done to ensure cleanliness. Dirty enema kits can spread disease-causing microorganisms. This is one problem that you want to avoid at all costs.

2. Fill the bulb with water

Once cleaned, fill the bulb syringe with water. Make sure to use distilled, chlorine-free water for enema and douching. Avoid the use of treated water or cleansing agents for an enema and gay douche. Water is enough to cleanse the anal canal of fecal matter and other debris. Cleansing agents, even those mild in nature, can irritate the anus and colon.

3. Do not forget to lube

Lubrication is an important step when douching for men. To minimise the risk of tears, cuts, and nicks during an enema and male douche, make sure to lubricate the tip of the nozzle before insertion. It is also a good tip to lubricate the outer sphincter for further ease entry of the nozzle.

4. Insert gently

For first timers, anal douching can feel scary and intimidating at the same time. Don’t rush into the process and take your time. When inserting the nozzle, make sure to insert it slowly and gently. It’s helpful to breathe deeply upon initial insertion. This will help relax the anal sphincter. Gradually insert the nozzle deeper to avoid injuring the mucosal lining of the anal canal.

5. Squeeze water into the rectum

Once the nozzle is three to four inches up the rectum, you can proceed to introduce water for cleansing. Slowly squeeze the bulb syringe. Do not make fast and forceful pumps as pressure can result in a shocking experience especially for first timers. An anal douching for men involves the introduction of up to 400ml of water, whilst during an enema, you need at least 2 liters of water to ensure thorough cleansing.

6. Remove the nozzle and go to the toilet

It is advisable that an enema or anal douche is performed in the bathroom. Once you have dispensed all the water from the bulb syringe, you will feel an immediate urge to defecate or expel the water. Remove the nozzle slowly and sit on the toilet as fast as you can. Repeat the process of at least three times or until the water coming out becomes clear.

7. Do not forget to clean your kit

Once finished, make sure to clean you bulb syringe and nozzle thoroughly. You can use a mild soap or cleanser for this purpose. Air dry your enema kit before storing it in a cool dry place.

Now that you have everything there is to know about anal douching, it’s time to choose an enema kit for personal use. Remember that anal cleanliness is an important requirement to enjoy intimate anal play and intercourse with your partner!


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