Discover The Best Way For A Gay Man To Douche – Get Anal Enemas

Discover The Best Way For A Gay Man To Douche – Get Anal Enemas image by Enema Kits AustraliaWhenever people hear about anal sex, they immediately consider it as a dirty practice. In fact, even health experts point out that anal sex is unhygienic primarily because the anus is where stool is flushed out of the body. Aside from the fact that it can still cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), this particular type of intercourse may also lead to tearing of anal tissues due to too much friction.

Also, some people who want to try anal just can’t do it because it might be too painful, or messy because poop goes through the anus.

However, there is a way for anal sex to be cleaner and safer than ever. If you are a gay person and you’re preparing for an intimate and fun time with your partner, then make it sure you douche first.

Douche is a common term used for flushing fluids inside your body either through the anus or vagina. There are vaginal douches for women, while there are anal douches for men, and women as well. With the help of the fluids, the vagina or the rectum will be cleaner.

There are various ways for you to douche, and these options are readily available in the market. However, the best way possible is to get enema kits for your anus.

What is an enema?

An enema is a procedure wherein you insert a tube into your anus to let fluids flow into your colon or gut. This procedure has been performed since ancient times by Egyptian nobility because it was believed not only to cleanse the gut, but also ‘cast out’ evil spirits.

Moreover, sex historians pointed out that enemas became popular due to the rise of homosexual males in the population. They believe homosexual males in ancient history used enemas to clean their anuses before having sexual intercourse with fellow males.

Due to its popularity and positive effects, enema cleansing has been passed down from generation to generation until it reached the present age. Now, enemas are used as a cleansing treatment for people who have bowel movement problems or intestinal issues. Some individuals even perform enemas just for the sake of experiencing it. After the session, they report that they feel a lot better, more energetic and healthier.

How can it help in anal sex?

Now that you know what enemas are, the question now would be whether this treatment can be effective prior to anal sex or not. Before seeing those points, here are some of the benefits of enemas:

It takes away toxins and harmful substances – An enema is known to wash away the different toxins and substances that may linger in your gut longer than necessary. If these substances are not managed well, they may lead to various bowel movement-related diseases.

Exercises colonic muscles and tissues – The fluids that enter the colon enable it to work efficiently. The fluids allow the colon to exercise its peristaltic movement. As a result, food substances that pass through the gut would be ‘transported’ easily and quickly.

Rebalances pH level of the gut – Depending on the enema solution you prefer, the treatment can help balance pH levels, allowing for better absorption of nutrients and water.

Takes away debris that may impair bowel movement – Compacted faecal matter often block other waste materials from passing through the colon. With the help of enemas, such blockages can be flushed out.

Relaxes the gut and anus – Undergoing enema treatment is a relaxing experience that promotes overall digestive health, regardless of the condition you are suffering from.

As you can see, enemas are the perfect go-to cleansing regime for people who want to have a cleaner gut. If you will have anal sex anytime soon, it is also a means to make your anal sex even more enjoyable. To make things easier for you, there are already stores all over the country that offer enemas specially made for the purpose of cleansing the anus prior to anal sex. They are primarily referred to as anal douches.

Types of anal douches

Due to their increasing popularity, anal douches now come in various types, sizes and shapes. It depends on you which one will best fit your needs.

Bulb – This anal douche is one of the most common products in the market today. It is primarily composed of a nozzle and a squeezable bulb. In order to use it, fill the douche with water and insert the end of the tube into your anus. Once it’s inside, squeeze the ‘bulb’ until you have pushed the fluid inside. However, make sure to continue squeezing until you have slipped the tube out. Otherwise, the bulb will suck back the water and everything else from your anus.

Shower – This is another anal douche that can be used to prepare and clean your anus. However, in contrast to the first one, this can be permanently or temporarily connected to the shower. Turn on the shower and water would pass through the tube and into your anus. While this is a good alternative to the bulb douche, there are also some risks especially if water pressure is not stable. This is because the rectum walls are very sensitive and any change in water pressure may tear down anal walls.

Water bag – The water bag is a combination of the two other types of anal douches. It consists of a water bag that is placed on an elevated level and a tube that enters the anus. From the bag, water flows through the tube and into your anus due to gravity. This allows for a much deeper cleanse, depending on how high you placed the bag, as well as your position.

You can freely choose among these three types whichever works for you. This means you have to fully experience them so you can make an informed decision. One important factor to remember is that you should use warm water in any kind of anal douche. Warm water is more soothing to the nerves, and as a result, it would help you relax during the procedure.

Enema kits for anal douches

The enema kit looks and functions similar to the water bag type of anal douche. It has a bag that contains fluids and a long tube that gets inside your anus. While the purpose of the douche is to provide basic cleansing inside the anus, enemas are used for deeper cleansing and even treatment of gut problems.

As mentioned earlier, an enema can clean more than the anus. It also cleanses the entirety of the lower digestive system including the colon or gut, large intestines, and even the liver. It helps in promoting liver function so it can aid the digestive system in breaking down food.

Anal douches may be a more popular option, but if you want to feel cleaner, an enema treatment less than an hour before sex is more recommended.

Douche using enemas

Below is a simple guide on how you can perform an enema cleanse treatment prior to anal sex.

Prepare the kit – Before attempting to perform enema cleansing, make sure you know what you want. There are various types of enema bags and different kinds of enema solutions. Your solution can be as simple as water or as complex as coffee, tea and herbs.

Prepare the place – Next, you have to prepare the area where you will have your enema cleansing. This can be your bathtub, your bathroom floor, or even your living room. Place a mat beneath and make sure you will feel comfortable.

Prepare yourself – This is probably the most important part of the process, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Try your best not to think about it too much, and relax before the enema cleansing. You can even add some relaxing music to soothe your mind and soul. Once you’re ready, insert the tube of the enema inside your anus. It is good to apply oil or some form of lubricant to make the experience pleasant.

Hold it in – After all the contents of the enema bag have entered your anus, focus and hold it in for the next 10 to 12 minutes. By doing this, you will be able to have a more effective and deeper cleansing.

Flush – After the allotted time, go to the nearest toilet and let it all out. It may feel unpleasant and uncomfortable at first, but if you are careful in your preparations and administration of the procedure, you should not have any problems.

It is pretty easy to perform an enema cleansing treatment on yourself. Afterwards, you won’t just be ready for anal sex, you will also have a cleaner and healthier gut.

Want to douche? Use enemas instead

Douching is indeed a practice that people perform to make sure that anal sex is a pleasant, safe, clean, and risk-free experience. While there are different anal douches in the market today, an enema cleanse is still the best way to go.

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