Important Points To Note About The Use And How To Clean A Douche Kit

Important Points To Note About The Use And How To Clean A Douche Kit image by Enema Kits AustraliaWhat are some of the truths about various enema kits? Before dispelling myths surrounding vaginal irrigation and constipation by establishing certain cardinal truths about enema kits, let us first take a medical detour and explain what enema therapy is. It is the foremost and effective, non-painful medical therapy for bowel management techniques and vaginal cleaning. Sometimes variously referred to as “colon cleansing, colon therapy, colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy; or simply – a colonic, this irritating health condition encompasses several health therapies that are touted to be effective against nonspecific toxins from the intestinal tract or the colon and the vagina.

Due to a number of unspecified reasons, but which are mostly linked to dietary and physical disorders, many people suffer a wide range of incontinence, bowel movement or constipation. The good news is – your life doesn’t have to be a daily struggle with agony, embarrassment and unceasing stomach cramps because now you can get instant relief by equipping yourself with one of several enema kits in the market today!

What are some of the advantages of trying different enema douche kits?

May I hasten to remind you that it is important to try different enemas on your own before settling on any single enema technique? To do this successfully, you need to find out what kinds of enemas you might want to use, determine their strength and develop a schedule on how often to do them!

Another important point to note is that enemas are best applied with a fast or an empty stomach; however, this should be continued even after a diet is broken in order to facilitate the natural movement of the bowel without the aid of the enema. And apart from treating and curing constipation, enemas are also good for promoting your overall health and fitness besides being a remedy for many other sicknesses. Here is an obvious but nonetheless understated piece of advice – though it is a natural and safe method of detoxification, you also need to exercise your stomach muscles ­to achieve excellent results.

What are some of the benefits of cleaning an enema bag?

An enema douche kit or enema bag gives better results if it is consistently and thorough cleaned after use. Some of the best douche kit cleaning practices includes:

  1. Diluting and using any one of the following alcohol solutions or detergents, (a, White Vinegar, (b, Soap and Water, (c, Hydrogen Peroxide or, (d, Witch Hazel or Rubbing Alcohol.
  2. Run any of the above cleaning detergents through your enema tubing.
  3. After this, you should drop the tubing into boiling water for about 5 seconds then remove it.
  4. Note that it is not advisable to boil the tubing in water.
  5. For your douche nozzle tip, dip the tip in rubbing alcohol or vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and swab both the outside and inside of nozzles.
  6. If you are using a disposable enema catheter, you can also run hydrogen peroxide or vinegar through it in order to sterilize it. Remember that the disposable catheter is designed to be thrown away after 1-3 uses.

How can you effectively use an enema douche kit?

One importance of enema is to introduce liquids through tubing inserted into the bowel. Enemas are used to manage severe constipation and to enable patients take fluids in when they have difficulty receiving them intravenously. As well as administering certain drugs in liquid suspension, enema equipment is also useful for detoxifying the body by removing unwanted fluids. When applied correctly, an enema or a douche is a safe, natural and an effective alternative to purgatives and laxatives. Steps for have the best enema experience are as followed:

  1. You should decide where and when the enema will be administered. The three most common places to do an enema are on the bathroom floor, on a bed, or in a bathtub.
  2. A douche bag is best used when it is suspended. When the enema bag is suspended too high, the incoming pressure is increased causing discomfort to the recipient of the enema. At the same time when the bag is suspended too low, most of the fluid is forced to flow back into the enema bag leaving barely enough fluid to reach the colon.
  3. The supporting hook should therefore be placed at the right angle and height; preferably this should be between 45-60 centimeters or 18-24 inches above the position where the enema recipient will be lying.
  4. When the douche bag is suspended 30-40 centimeters above the anal orifice of the patient, the enema solution gradually flows out of the enema bag as desired.
  5. You should be prepared for leakages and spill by placing a thick absorbent towel or pad beneath the recipient if the enema is given on the bathroom floor or in the bedroom. However, if this is done in the bathtub, it is not necessary to use an absorbent towel although this might come in handy for wiping excess spills from the patient’s legs or buttocks.

Are there any side effects associated with using a douche or enema kit?

Frankly, nearly all medical devices have their pros and cons. However, the degree to which one or the other outweighs the inherent disadvantages or benefits depends a lot on a number of factors, the most important of which are best use practices. It is imperative to clarify at this point that apart from terminology, there is no big difference between enema and douche. Generally both refer to the practice of using a device to introduce a stream of water into the body for hygienic or medical purposes. A douche sometimes refers to the stream of water itself.

Commonly, the term douche is used in reference to vaginal irrigation or the rinsing of the vagina. However, when broadly applied, it refers to the rinsing of any body cavity or orifice. A word of caution at this point – To avoid the transfer of intestinal bacteria into the vagina, the same bag must not be used for a vaginal douche and anal enemas at the same time.

And this raises an important point! Douching is in certain circumstances associated with the increased risks of a number of health problems such as cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.  For this reason, where a recipient might be at risk, douching is not recommended.

What is interesting about the use of a douche kit?

            As I have already mentioned above, the term “douche” is commonly used in reference to vaginal cleaning or vaginal irrigation. But interestingly, the body is made in such a way that some important organs have a self-cleaning mechanism. The vagina is a classic example – it is perfectly capable of thoroughly cleaning itself. Although douching has been said to have a number of benefits, most of the claims are unproven. Even so, on the surface, it is a means of cleaning the vagina of unwanted smells, or for those who have sex often; it is effective for preventing smearing a sexual partner’s penis with the menstrual flow when having sex during menstruation.

Are there any further implicit risks in douching?

Yes, indeed there are other hidden risks. The downside of frequently using a douche bag, according to expert opinion from health-care professionals is that “douching is dangerous, as it interferes with both the vagina’s normal self-cleaning and with the natural bacterial culture of the vagina, and it might spread or introduce infections”. Also, persistent and frequent douching using water may lead to initiation of an imbalance of the pH of the vagina, and this may expose women to myriad vaginal infections such as yeast infections

Are women tuned in here? These risks inherent in enema douche, should, however, not deter one from using the equipment in hygienic and acceptable ways. After all is there any useful drug, device or food that does not come with a retinue of adverse effects? Show me any and I’ll show you more reasons why you need enema equipment!

Have any studies been carried out about enema supplies?

Sometimes in mid-2003 a controlled but randomized multi-center study was carried out with over 2000 women participants of ages 18-44 who regularly used douche equipment and who had been treated recently for a sexually transmitted bacterial infection or bacterial vaginosis. They were randomly assigned to use either a newly designed and marketed douche product or a soft cloth towel. The good news from the results was that there was little or no indication of a greater risk of PID among women assigned to use the douche product (versus soft cloth towelette).

And the claim that douching lowers the chances of pregnancy after intercourse has also been proved to be a mere hype because douching after intercourse is estimated to reduce the chances of conception by only 15–25%. This is like a drop of water in the ocean! In comparison, proper condom use reduces the chance of conception by as much as 97%. In some cases douching may force the ejaculate further into the vagina, increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Is this a surprise? If you think so, stay tuned here for more information about enema bags and douche kits.

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