Where can I Get an Enema Kit?

Have you done your research on the benefits of regular enemas and are now wondering about where to get an enema kit? If so then congratulations! You are well on your way towards benefiting from one of the most powerful detoxification and weight loss method known to man. Before we discuss about where to buy an enema kit though, it would be best to learn about coffee enema itself and what it can actually do for you.

You can start by checking out this popular video below by Rain Florence where she talks about coffee enema and describes the process in detail

Coffee enemas were first introduced by then famous American physician Max Gerson as part of a holistic alternative cancer treatment which is now popularly known as the Max Gerson therapy. For this procedure, an organic coffee solution is inserted into the colon via the rectum to stimulate bile production in the liver and eliminate excess toxins from the body.

Today, coffee enemas are a highly sought after holistic solution for weight loss as you can can expect to eliminate a significant amount of wastes and toxins after the procedure. More importantly, the process promotes a healthier and more effective digestion which serves to improve overall health. The process is simple and yields no adverse side effects save for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance which is why its important to stay hydrated before attempting the procedure.

Where to buy an enema kit in Australia?

Now that we know what a coffee enema is and what it entails, you probably can’t wait to get started. So back to the question – where can you buy an enema bag? Fortunately they’re not hard to find at all. We are among the hundreds of businesses selling quality enema kits online. If you’re reading this then its what probably brought you to this web page in the first place!

Our enema kits contain everything you need to get started on the process and take advantage of a deeply cleansing and holistic treatment for detoxifying the entire body. This includes the enema bag, cathether tubing, clamp, enema bulb, irrigator, etc. We also sell ready to use coffee enema solutions that are carefully formulated to yield a deeper and more satisfying cleanse.

So what are you waiting for? Get your enema kit today and take your first few steps towards a fitter and healthier body!

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  1. Is it safe to use Enema kits when you have had your Gall bladder removed in the past ?
    I’d like to try the coffee enemas due to a constant issue with constipation.


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