How Does Enema Bulb Work?

Ever wondered just how far an enema bulb should be inserted?

How Does Enema Bulb Work image by Enema kits AustraliaAlthough many people, who for either reasons of hygiene, health or sex fantasy (read experimenting with anal sex), might want to experiment with douching therapy, most of such potential users of enema devices are often plagued by myriad fears and questions about how to use these devices. If you are one such fellow, count yourself lucky to be reading these series of articles about douching kits and how to effectively use them in order to achieve maximum results.

In today’s article, let us take a detailed look at just how far an enema tube should be inserted into the anus or vagina. Hey, don’t grit your teeth just imagining the pain that might come with douching experience. The insertion process of enema bulb is actually safe and harmless – almost pleasurable!

Which are some of the key factors determining home enema best practice?

As we indicated in one of our previous articles, there are as many devices in various shapes and sizes as there are many users with varied experiential level of at home enema therapy. Just at a glance, here are some of the key indicators of best practices of douching therapy.

  • This is a time tested and proven means of effectively carrying out vaginal/anal cleaning for reasons of sex, or clearing the colon for bowel management during constipation.
  • Variously referred to as “vaginal irrigation, colon therapy, colon cleansing, anal enema colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation,” this is a safe, harmless and non-painful medical therapy for effective hygiene maintenance of body orifices and bowel management.
  • Trial and error policies are not ideal for enema cleansing. Before settling on any one device, you are advised to first experiment with different alternatives. After all, our sales target is to guarantee you enormous satisfaction beyond your expectation!
  • The successful application of douching depends on your finding out what types of enemas you may want to use, and your ability to approximate their resilience and strength.
  • There is no specific rule about how frequently to use enema kits. You must develop your own timetable and routine about how many times you can apply enema daily or weekly or monthly!
  • It would be futile to apply enema on a full belly. This form of therapy works well with a fast or an empty belly. In the event that you experience constipation, the application of enema should not be stopped even after you have broken the fast. This will help your bowels resume their natural movement.
  • In order to achieve satisfactory results, you also need to regularly exercise your stomach muscles in order to aid the natural process the body uses to detoxify itself.

Just a minute! Are we digressing here? Absolutely not, so…

How deep should an enema tube go?

Well, for starters let us say that you can insert the tube as deep as you feel comfortable. However, this is a generalization. Now, let’s get down to the specifics of insertion.

  • The first step in insertion is to consider the type of enema nozzle you want to use. There are beaded or grooved nozzles and smooth nozzles.
  • The second point to take into account is a place where your enema bucket or bag will sit.
  • The third point is to determine the angle and height of kit suspension from where you will be lying. If the suspension of the bag is too high, the force of incoming pressure increases, and this may cause discomfort to whoever is receiving the enema.
  • On the other hand, low suspension might force most of the fluid to flow back into the bag leaving barely sufficient fluid for the intended purpose – cleansing or colon irrigation.
  • The supporting hook should therefore be placed at the right angle and height; preferably this should be between 45-60 centimeters or 18-24 inches above the position where the enema recipient will be lying.
  • And when the enema bag is suspended 30-40 centimeters above the anus of the recipient, the douching solution is forced to gradually flow out of the bag as desired.
  • The nozzle of the tube should be inserted at least three inches into the anus, but first you have to ensure that you are at a comfortable position.
  • If, however, you experience any form of resistance, do not apply force. Instead, make sure you are first comfortable by adjusting the angle of suspension ever so slightly until you can smoothly insert the tube.
  • To those who think in terms of meters or centimeters, an enema tube ought to be inserted at least 10 centimeters for grown-ups. But, if pain or resistance is encountered go no further.

Does this extent of nozzle insertion apply to the vagina too?

Absolutely not! 10 centimeters or 3 inch insertion applies to anal tubing. However, for vaginal insertion a device called the “fountain syringe” is preferable for douching purposes. The regular enema nozzle should be replaced with a special vaginal nozzle. This device is longer and thicker and has lateral holes. A word of caution here! The practice of douching is presently firmly discouraged unless under the express authority of a reputable physician. This is because of the following medical reasons:

  • The natural balance of bacteria in the vagina can be disturbed by the antiseptic used during douching leading to infections.
  • Douching might also wash bacteria into the Fallopian tubes and the uterus, resulting into fertility problems.
  • Dirty and unclean enema equipment might introduce contaminants and unwelcome foreign aliens/bodies into the vagina.

Now that you know this, what must you do?

It is not wise to apply enema or douching, right? Wrong! All you need to do is to proceed with caution by following the instructions on the kit to the letter. How about if you are clumsy at cleaning your douche bag? Simple! You can resort to using disposable enema at home. And while we are at using disposable enema kit as a safe guard against contraction infection due to contamination of the equipment,

How many people are needed for douche application?

Put differently, you might be wondering whether two people are needed to perform enema at home. Yes, I can see I am right on spot by your reaction! Actually, most people who perform enema are perfectly capable of going it alone. You’d only need assistance in case you have problems performing it alone, or if you need company. The most important things to consider are factors such as:

  • When do you want to carry out your therapy?
  • Why do you prefer this kind of cleansing?
  • Where and how do you want to do it?
  • And are you capable of assembling the kit on your own?

Assembling enema douche kits is not difficult so long as you do so according to the instructions that come with the device. All equipment always comes with the following parts:

  • A hook for suspension or for hanging the bag on.
  • A bag to hold the liquid solution.
  • A plug.
  • A hose
  • Lastly, a rectal clip.

What are some of the actual benefits of enema?

As we saw earlier, enemas are not only good for cleansing your colon but they are also great for managing constipation. It is a perfect way of maintaining superb health and perfect physical shape. One does not actually need to consult an expert because you can easily perform an enema at home. It is an effective, easy and quick way of irrigating or cleansing your colon. Not only that, it is also safe and harmless! So if you are looking for a non-medical but easy and safe way to perfect intestinal tract hygiene or a way to detoxify your lever and colon, or better still, if you are sick and tired of being constantly constipated, now you have the answer to freedom and relief.

How many types of enemas can one perform?

Unlike in prisons where one size fits all, in the realms of enema and douching customization rules the day! You have the freedom to choose what type of enema to perform where to perform it and how to do so. In our next article, we shall exhaustively look at how to perform two different types of enema—-the retention enema and the cleansing enema.

Must you be an expert to prepare enema?

You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to prepare an enema. Mostly this process is a-do-it-yourself kind of exercise. Elsewhere in this series of articles we shall cover preparation in detail. But for now let us take note of the following:

  • First, to prepare enema, you need to gather your supplies. Although expediting bowel evacuation with the aid of enema is relatively simple, you will still need to have a few important supplies handy. These include:
  • A teaspoon full of olive oil, coconut oil or organic almond oil for lubrication.
  • A couple of extra-large towels.
  • A clean/new enema kit.
  • One quart of clean, preferably distilled water at room or body temperature
  • And since the process takes time, something to read such as a book or magazine will come in handy!  

And since you are almost there, it is now time to get down to real business. Stay tuned here for more information about what to actually do with the supplies you have gathered. Have an easy bowel day, won’t you?

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