Enema Bag Instructions:

  1. After warming your solution (water, coffee, whatever it may be!) to body temperature, pour approximately 1 litre into the enema bag (ensure the stopper is closed)
  2. Expel a small amount for solution from the bag to remove any air
  3. Hang the bag about 1 metre off the ground to allow for sufficient flow – gravity acts as the main control for the speed of the enema
  4. Lubricate the tip if required, and laying on your left side, slowly insert the tip 5-10 cm into your anus
  5. Unclamp the stopper. and let the solution flow. Once all the solution has gone in, you can remove the tip, and position yourself so you are lying on you right side with legs to chest. This allows the solution to reach all of the colon.
  6. Expel the solution onto the toilet after 5-15 minutes

Coffee Enema Tips:

  • It is best to do a coffee enema after a bowel movement – as this allows more room inside your colon for the coffee enema, and you will be able to hold it in longer. Alternatively, you can do a water enema first to also allow for space.

Douche Bulb Instructions:

  1. After warming your solution to body temperature, open the bulb (pull out the tip) and pour the solution in.
  2. Insert the nozzle/tip back into the bulb
  3. Squeeze the bulb slightly to expel any air
  4. Lubricate the tip if needed
  5. Laying on left side on the floor, insert the tip into your anus
  6. Squeeze the bulb slowly to release the solution into your lower colon
  7. Remove the tip from anus. It’s important to ensure you do not release the pressure on the bulb, otherwise the solution will be sucked back into the bulb
  8. Move to laying on your back until you feel the urge for a bowel movement. Expel onto toilet.

General Tips:

  • Once the enema has finished flowing inside, you can massage your abdomen from the lower left side, up towards your chest – this helps the enema move throughout your colon.
  • To help eliminate the solution, you can then massage your abdomen in the opposite direction – from top right to bottom left – this will help expel all the solution successfully
  • It’s okay if you cannot hold the entire enema – only take what you can!

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean the tips of the enema bags and bulbs with warm soapy water after each use
  • For a more thorough clean, you can pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the enema bag/bulb and leave for 2.5 hours before rinsing and allowing to dry. This is recommended once a week if using every day.