Why Get a Colon Enema Kit?

Colon Cleansing Enema

Are you thinking of getting a colon enema kit? If so then congratulations; you’ve made the decision to look past the awkwardness and benefit from a holistic detox method that has been around for centuries. Most people are quick to respond to the idea with a horrid look on their faces but only because they remain ignorant of the benefits of colon cleansing enema and how it actually works.
The truth is that enema can be a deeply detoxifying experience. As you may already know, the goal of such a health practice is to remove accumulated waste deposits from one’s colon. That may not mean much to people who’ve never had their colon cleansed but did you know that you could have as much as 10 pounds of embedded waste in your intestines? You can bet that all that waste is weighing you down in some way from reduced energy levels to frequent bouts of constipation.

What can a colon enema kit do for you?

People delve into home enemas to thoroughly clean their colons by deeply stimulating bowel movement. Many that delve into it often report a feeling of relief and well-being immediately after an enema. It’s as good a reason as any to buy enema kits and experience its benefits first-hand Benefits of using a colon enema kit includes:
  1. Treatment for chronic constipation by removal of accumulated waste deposits cleansing the body from the inside out
  2. Weight loss; accumulated waste deposits can make it that much harder for the body to lose excess weight regardless of a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  3. Improved energy levels; an overworked colon can put a significant strain on the body causing you to tire easily
  4. Improves mood and cognitive functions; people with raised levels of toxicity in the body are often irritable and find it hard to focus on their daily tasks.
  5. Cancer prevention; although there is much debate about whether colon cleansing enema truly has any merit as a treatment for cancer, people know as much that raised toxicity levels in the body are closely tied to the development of cancer levels in the body.
  6. Overall well-being; regular colon cleansing is a powerful detox method and one that is sire to benefit your general health
How does colon cleansing work? Now you’ve got to wonder though - how does a colon enema kit actually work and how is that waste materials can remain embedded in one’s intestines? The practice isn’t actually anything new and many kings of old are known to take enemas on a regular basis and for good reasons. One such monarch who was deeply enthusiastic about enemas and perhaps even carried out the practice to the extremes was King Louis IV of France. It is said that the King had several thousands of these procedures throughout his lifeetime and has made repeated claims that it was the key to his longevity. He was so pleased with the results that he began taking an enema every night with the help of servants whom he designated experts on such matters. To better understand the benefits of colon cleansing enema, we have to take a good look at the primary function of the colon and that is to absorb nutrients from our food and water intake. The colon is also responsible for eliminating toxins in the body; a filter if you will. Just like any filter, waste deposits can build up over time reducing the body’s natural body to detoxify itself. Enema is basically an attempt at revitalising the colon by directly introducing a solution (usually organic coffe) to deeply stimulate bowel movements essentially cleansing the body from the inside out. Modern options for enema kits While the idea behind enemas has remained unchanged over the years, improvements in delivery methods has made the practice much more convenient and accessible. Far from the primitive clyster syringe, many of today’s colon enema kits incorporate features such as plungers and rectal nozzles; anything that will help make the process convenient and effective. A few of the popular options that you have in enema kits include:
  • Rubber coffee enema kits - contains everything you need for a complete and deep cleansing enema treatment; includes a rubber enema bag and perhaps a few day’s worth of enema solution (organic coffee)
  • Silicone coffee enema kits - includes a transparent enema bag to better control the flow of the enema solution.
  • Bulb irrigators
  • Enema douche bulbs; recommended for quick enema treatments and its portability
  • Disposable enema kits (often sold in packs of 3 or more and recommended for people who don’t want to deal with sanitising their enema equipment after every use.
  Conclusion If you’re looking for an old and proven solution for naturally detoxifying the body then enemas are definitely well worth looking into. The process is completely natural and its benefits are well documented throughout the ages. Granted it can get some getting used too and most people are understandably not too ken about having to inject anything up their rectum ( you want me to put what where?). If you can look past it though then you'd have at your disposal, a potent holistic solution for treating a wide range of health problems. It's a powerful detox treatment; powerful enough that it is even touted as an alternative cancer treatment (Gerson Therapy). All you need to get started is a good colon cleansing kit; one that perfectly suits your needs and usage preferences. Perhaps you’re looking to adopt the health practice long term? If so a silicon colon cleansing kit is something that would recommend. Granted it costs more than most other enema kits in the market but silicon is durable and bound to serve you well for many years to come! So what are you waiting for? Check out our fine selections of enema equipment here at Enema Kits Australia. We have everything you need and offer some of the best deals in the country for colon enema kits.

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  1. I’m currently suffering chronic constipation and want to consider colon cleansing with the use of enema. With the help of your article this makes me understand the benefits colon cleansing enema and would love to experience it!

  2. I’m considering that, as there have been 3 deaths in my family (on the male side) from colon cancer. And though there is no proof, as you stated in the article, that it prevents it from happening, my wife tells me there certainly is no harm in doing it.

  3. I have to take enemas for health reasons and and hard before deciding on getting this product but I think it was a great purchase for a first time user. It was a great experience!

  4. After reading your post, I was able to understand enema and its benefits. Worth a try!

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