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If you’re looking for a Certified Organic formula that not only detoxifies but boosts your energy as well, Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens 120g is the perfect choice! Its formula is designed to support energy production. It contains a delicious blend of nutrient-dense sprouts, juices, leaves, algae, grasses, herbs, prebiotics and over 74 trace minerals to support one’s vitality.

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Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens 120g is a Certified Organic supplement allows you to consume a wide variety of green pigments also chlorophyll which offers so much benefits to our health. It helps in detoxification, alkalinity and support energy production. With this delicious blend, you’ll get a great many nutrient-dense sprouts, grasses, leaves, juices, herbs, algae, prebiotics and over 74 trace minerals to support one’s vitality. Indeed this product is considered the most comprehensive green-focused supplement in the market.

Awesome Benefits of Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens

  • Certified Organic
  • Contains full spectrum of green-focused ingredients
  • Contains leafy greens, sprouts, herbs, algae, grasses & juices
  • Consists of over 74 algae-derived trace mineral complex
  • Contains live bio-available ingredients
  • Suitable for Vegan and alkaline

Recommended Use:

For a start, take 1 heaped teaspoon or higher dose if required into 250ml of water or non-dairy milk.

This product is also suitable for children between 12 to 17 yrs. old, take half of the adult dosage.

You can also combine it with your favourite breakfast bowls or smoothies.

Product must be stored properly after use. Room temperature must be below 30°C in a cool, dry and dry place.

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