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This enema kit with coffee duo is a starter pack containing everything you need to start your coffee enema journey. Included is our highest quality re-useable Silicone Enema kit and 7 day supply of our special formulated organic coffee enema solution. Thinking about trying and enema? Now you have no excuse!


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Product Description

Give your body a complete detox with this Coffee Enema Kit. Whether it’s your first time for an enema or you use enema kits regularly, this kit has everything you need for a safe and hygienic cleanse in the comfort of your home. The silicone enema kit is biggest selling kit as it is easy to clean, and easy to use.


– 7 pouches organic coffee solution

– Premium quality, durable silicone enema bag

– Easy to hang hook

– 1.3 metre silicone tubing

– 1x Silicone tip for  ease of use

– 1x Flow control clamp

– 2 Litre liquid capacity

– Full Instructions & cleaning guide

The Coffee used for the enema solution is premium Gold Blend Air Roasted Organic Coffee which has a high content of caffeine and palmitic acid. The light coloured coffee is 100% Air Roasted and BEV filtered water is used for 99.9% purity. The production process is designed to produce coffee solutions which give users a premium enema experience.

Each pouch contains 250 ml of coffee enema concentrate solution. All that’s required is to add 750 ml of water to dilute the solution and it’s ready to use.

The pouches have a shelf life of 2 months, are leach free and don’t contaminate the coffee solution.


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Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

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23 reviews for Coffee Enema Kit Silicone

  1. Kylie (verified owner)

    What an amazing product pack! I was skeptical about trying this in the beginning but I have been blown away by the simplicity and the results. My bloating has reduced substantially and I feel cleaner, brighter and healthier.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    If your skeptic like me just get it… Less than $100 for good health??! Look i watched hours of YouTube videos and went on websites to google the benifits for months and finally decided to get this pack… Its changed my life.
    I sleep better, i can wake up easier… My stomach isnt as bloated and i just feel amazing.
    Will be doing this for a long time!’
    just try it?! my doctor even said there is no harm in trying it!

  3. Jess (verified owner)

    Great product.
    The 7 packs of coffee solution make implementing coffee enemas into you routine easy – just pour the pouch contents into a saucepan along with some some extra water and warm to body temperature and you are ready to go.

    • Sam Brown

      Hi Jess.. Thank you so much for your feedback! We are so glad, that you found our product so easy to use! 🙂

  4. Danielle (verified owner)

    An all in one solution to energy and improved health. Blown away by how easy it actually is to use and all in one simple product pack. Amazed at how energized I feel, greater clarity and a lighter, cleaner feeling. Thanks a million – awesome product.

  5. Hannash (verified owner)

    I am a graduating naturopath and wanted to give this a try as I have had colonics before and found them to have great results but way too expensive to keep up and sometimes they were too much for my little body! When I say that this has changed my life, I mean it has basically reminded me what life should actually feel like. We get so bogged down in things and I truly think this is a result of not letting go emotionally but also physically of things that actually keep us in a state of anxiety and ill health.

    Without writing an essay, I have been experiencing renewed enthusiasm for life, intensely clearer skin, clearer eyes and a clearer mind. I have been so freaked out by the results I am recommending to all friends and fam despite “taboo” and “embarrassment”. It’s easy to administer, easy to clean and you don’t have anyone invading your space.

    I now swear by coffee (and salt water) enemas regularly, avoiding gluten and food intolerances and green matcha tea.


  6. Louise (verified owner)

    I knew I needed to try this for my sinus issues. I have had terrible, continuous sinus infection and a nasal polyp which would not shrink down. Within one day of the first enema ever, it started to shrink. I could visibly see the Candida leaving my body. My sinus infection was then able to start clearing up. I can breathe and speak again without being blocked up. I can taste and smell again. I will continue every day until this problem heals fully. The kit is super easy to use and the coffee solution made it easier to approach, as I was quite nervous as a first time starter. I have been eating very healthy but my body needed that full detoxification kick start through this coffee enema. I feel lighter, happier, clearer in the mind and have more energy as a bonus to my sinuses healing. No nasal surgery for me!

  7. Tru (verified owner)

    I ordered this then let it sit in my wardrobe for a while because I was a bit nervous about it.
    My friend kept raving about how good she felt ever since she started using these. I hadnt seen her for a few weeks and when she came over she just glowed and had lost about 5 kilos. I asked her how and she recommended this. I kept getting it out of the cupboard and then would shove it straight back in. The unknown is always nerve racking. Now I plan my day slotting in a coffee enema with ease and confidence and feel great. I think I may even have dropped a few kilos as my clothes sit better on me. I am so glad I did this and am going to keep this a part of my health regime. So thank you for a great product.

  8. Audrey Aw (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly and tried the day i received it. Product was of high quality and I was able to complete the whole process following the instructions on the website. Hope online web sells Gerson supplements too!

  9. Catherine Pullen

    The silicone enema bag and clamp are easy to use and mine is lasting very well. Using it as an adjunct to cancer treatment.
    the service has been really efficient and I have appreciated how quickly the coffee grind supplies have been dispatched to me.

    Thank you everyone. Keep up the excellent work.

  10. Stevie (verified owner)

    I have used the professional clinics for colonic irrigation which is quite expensive so thought I would try this product.

    Amazingly simple to use, directions are great so I bit the bullet and tried it for the first time with great trepidation and not knowing what the ‘outcome’ would be.

    No discomfort with insertion, my greatest fear was the enema liquid coming out straight away which I didn’t need to worry about.

    Liquid went in perfectly without any spillage. I used plain water for the first one and it was roughly 15 mins before the urge to go was felt. Then I moved to the caffeine one as sussested. Amazed at how much ‘matter’ was still left but didn’t stay for in for long.

    After spending years of IBS and constipation, the feeling afterwoods was incredible. Felt less heavy, lost all bloating.

    I can’t recommend this highly enough, I am addicted. The service was second to none. Incredibly helpful.

  11. Sandra (verified owner)

    A friend recommended this kit as a good place to start, she was right! The company provides great communication and prompt delivery (in discreet packaging). This system is simple to use and the instant use coffee enema solution packs make for a quick, easy, clean process. It’s early days for me but I’m already noticing my skin tone has improved, eyes are shinier, and I feel invigorated. Will definitely continue 🙂

  12. F Gabor

    Handy and easy to use. A must buy.

  13. KK (verified owner)

    Plain packaging, efficient delivery service, made step one easy, step 2 actually using it is a bit harder, just tell your mind how much lighter and healther you will feel and give it a go, as the process itself is easy.

  14. Carla

    Such a speedy delivery an incredible quality product. Have only just started my enema journey and already feel better for taking the initial step.

  15. Lauren (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, step by step easy to follow instructions for first timers. I will definetely continue to order the coffee enemas – it is such a high quality product and I have noticed a difference already. Less bloating, clear skin and it helped reduced the symptoms from detox.

  16. Jack Christof (verified owner)

    I’ve known about coffee enemas for a few years now, but being a male have found it hard to get past the mental barriers of putting something in my butt. However, after trying it I couldn’t be more happier, I don’t feel violated and I feel a new lease of life.

    Also, delivery fast super fast and the coffee pouches very user friendly, taking all the guess work out.

  17. N (verified owner)

    Easy to use, easy to clean, and simply life changing.

  18. Geoff Woods

    I highly recommend this treatment, and this product. I have been having colonic irrigation, about 2 per year, for the last 20 years. They are more expensive (about $80 per treatment), it’s difficult to find a good practitioner that you are happy with, and the locations can be inconvenient, especially if you move around a bit due to employment (such is my case). I then discovered DIY coffee enemas. I believe I get similar results at a price which is way better (after initial purchase it costs about $5 per treatment), which means I can do more, and schedule them whenever I like, in the comfort of my own home.

    The final piece here is that I am a man. This is not a subject that men freely talk about nor see any need to share about. So how did I find out about colon treatments in the first place? Certainly not from my mates! Yet I still found out about it and gave it a “crack”. I now receive the massive health benefits, and these DIY coffee enemas are a lot easier to do.

  19. Jerry Mlinarevic (verified owner)

    The motivation to start using enema as a health adjunct started for me with the long delayed decision to do a GI tract cleans, a pathogen removal protocol, to purify my blood and cleanse the lymphatic system. I used the enemas to detoxify the liver and remove pockets of crusted on faecal matter. On my day of fasting I would do a coffee enema as per instructions on Coffee Enema Solution sachet bought from Then I do a follow-up enema of one litre with about one spoonful of bicarbonate soda. This thoroughly cleanses the large intestine. The benefits are a flat belly, the digestion works faster and there is no constipation, which means that the pathogens and waste products that are removed into the GI tract are not reabsorbed into the blood system. Additionally, I feel lighter and brighter –this has to be experienced. I do this now once per week and consider it indispensable for a life in a very much polluted world. In the beginning I was horrified by the idea of enema at home, but I cannot emphasise how easy and effective it is.

  20. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I love this kit. It is highly durable and easy to clean. I’m glad I made the investment and purchased the higher quality kit because it has been worth it. I would definitely recommend it.

  21. Tim Beverley (verified owner)

    I have just started my health journey and came accross this little gem of a treatment. I bout the kit and have done two enamas already. It has left me feelling great! My bloated stomach is gone, i feel lighter, cleaner and clearer.

  22. Kate (verified owner)

    Increased energy and mood!

  23. MG (verified owner)

    I feel flatter in my stomach since using these coffee enemas. Also feel like I have more energy

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Q: Does it also contain a leaflet with instructions of how to use the kit for the first time users?
— Asked by Irini on February 18, 2017
A: Hi Irini. Thanks for the question. Yes, it comes with instructions on how to use, plus how to best clean them.
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