Organic Coffee Enema Grind (Light Roast) 400gm


The Light Golden Roast creates a light green/golden coloured coffee enema solution. It also produces the highest amount of palmitic acid which boosts the activity of glutathione. From brewing it starts with pea green colour but once the sediment settles the colour changes to light green/golden.

We aim to provide you with quality products and your health is very important to us so we make sure to choose the finest organic coffee beans for our coffee enemas. It is air roast to lessen carcinogens and finely grind to get the perfect texture suitable for home brewing.


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Product Description

100% Organic Certified Finely Ground Air Roasted Coffee Beans Produced Specifically for Coffee Enemas

The Light Golden Roast  coffee beans are roasted at lower temperatures for maximum caffeine release and a higher amount of palmitic acid.

The Medium Roast is has a chocolate brown appearance and is  roasted at medium temperature, releasing a high amount of caffeine and  palmitic acid.

Your choice of roast will depend on your preferred colon cleansing technique and whether you are practicing the Gerson technique  or your own health routine.

Initially your body will be able to cope with the strength of caffiene present in the medium roast and as it gets accustomed to the enema process, you can ascend to stronger concentrations of coffee. After a few process, you will be able to determine exactly what;s right for you.

Additional Information

How many enemas can 400g coffee enema grind produce?

400g is sufficient for 8-16 coffee enemas. The exact quantity would depend on depends on how strong you intend your enema to be.

To help you determine the strength of coffee that’s best for you, we have included a guide sheet which shows you how to brew coffee.

This will determine the number of enemas which your brew will produce.

Why is Air Roasting Important?

Regular drum roasting utilises a hot flame beneath a rotating drum. When the beans pass over the heated area of the drum which has the flame, they burn. This gives them a distinct bitter taste. Many of the best roasters take pride in the process of developing the flavour. However intending to do coffee enemas need to be conscious that this is where certain carcinogens are produced which aren’t safe to put in the body. This is why air roasting is important.

What is Fairtrade? 

Fairtrade refers to fairer trading conditions and opportunities for manufacturers in developing countries to be able to invest in their businesses and their communities for creating a sustainable future.


100% certified organic, fairtrade coffee beans. (Product contains caffeine)

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5 reviews for Organic Coffee Enema Grind (Light Roast) 400gm

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and works a treat

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Excellent product, quickly delivered, as advertised.

  3. Tori

    I’ve ordered this 400gm bag of coffee twice and I’m very pleased, I’ve been doing coffee enemas for 2 years now and after switching to this brand for convenience and faster postage I’m very happy with the physical feeling (headache relief, fatigue relief and detoxification after drinking). Will keep ordering this brand!

  4. Hong Miller

    Great product. Prompt delivery. Ordered twice, each time 2×400g. Feel lighter. neck & shoulder pain relieved a lot. Will keep order this one

  5. kfc061 (verified owner)

    Have used this product for the last 2 years and love it. Fast reliable delivery.

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