"Enemas Kits Australia" is your proven and reputable source for just about everything you need  with regards to the enema practice.  We endeavour to make it much easier for people to get started and experience the amazing health benefits of taking a coffee enema. Our coffee enema kit is jam-packed with all the essential equipment and supplies you will need to detoxify your body from the inside out. Such a kit includes a 2-litre enema bag (made of medical grade rubber or silicone), 1.3-metre tubing, enema tips, flow clamp and usage instructions as well as a cleaning guide. As for the enema solution, you have a choice between organic ground coffee or a 250ml pouch of ready to use coffee concentrate. Just dilute the solution with 750ml purified water, and you are ready to go.  In any case, we use only highest quality of organic coffee beans in our enema solution for best results. Do you have some questions or concern about any of the coffee enema products we have on offer? We would love to hear about it! Call us today or leave a message through chat or email!