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Keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. This green superfood is an awesome way to boost your energy and provide your body a complete source of nutrition. Spirulina is a widely known source all over the world, as a food supplement for maintaining your energy, health and weight.

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Synergy Organic – Spirulina Powder 200g is a healthy choice for vegans and vegetarians alike. Synergy Organic has provided yet another healthy dose of powder, from alkaline freshwater alagae, Spirulina powder is a good and rich source of protein, vitamins, and essential amino acids. If you want to lose weight, you will need essential amino acids in order to achieve this goal successfully. Essential amino acids assist in building muscles which in turn, burns calories.

Another highlight of this product that can be essential to our overall wellness is that it contains Vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin that assists in proper functions of the brain and nervous system, including the development of red blood cells in our body. Taking this powder daily will improve your overall bodily functions and help you look forward to a better, healthier lifestyle.

It also contains Chlorophyll, Iron, and Antioxidants; and due to the absence of cellular cell walls, the powder is easily absorbed and digested into our system making it more effective and worthwhile in comparison with unhealthy, synthetic alternative supplements.

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Instructions are available with the product’s nitrogen-flushed bottle regarding the proper doses.

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Synergy Organic


100% pure, highest quality, certified organic Spirulina


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