The 2 Main Stages Of The Dr. Gerson Therapy

In recent years, Dr. Max Gerson became a well-known physician – but decades after his death. How did that happen? It appears that one of his experiments and researches about the cure for cancer did not make it to the news. It was only several decades later when people knew how he developed an alternative way to battle cancer. This is the Dr. Max Gerson therapy.

If this is a therapy, does it mean I have to go to the hospital?

The funny thing about it is that you don’t need to. The entire procedure for the therapy can be done completely at home. Isn’t this great? An alternative means to battle cancer using the Gerson therapy at home? Before you become too excited, you should first know that it is divided into two major parts:

The Dr. Gerson Diet

shutterstock_288126602Yes, you read that right. You can beat cancer with a diet. Why and how? This is because Dr. Gerson believed that cancer is the sum of all the unhealthy foods and habits a person did for many years. After some time, cancer would haunt him or her because he abused his body.

This diet includes a high vegetable and fruit diet. Foods and dishes re either raw or semi cooked, making sure that there are no oil. Salt and sugar are also highly limited as they are seen as components that add up to the formation of cancer. Finally, the diet includes blended and mixed juices of select fruits, vegetables and other substances.

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Coffee Enema Cleansing

The second part of the Dr. Gerson therapy is colon cleansing. As you may have observed, the first part includes taking in the right food for proper nutrition. That portion is supplemented by taking out that which is unhealthy, toxic, and downright harmful to the body. Coffee solution is used to clean not only the colon but also provide detoxifying qualities to the liver.

Once the liver is healthy and produces enough bile for food digestion, the body can actually help itself in fighting against cancer. The one-two punch combination of the diet plan and enema are effective in making sure the patient becomes healthier, and capable of doing things on his own.

Do you know someone who is suffering from cancer? Know more about Gerson treatment and let him or her try it to experience the Gerson therapy success.

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