Early Pregnancy Diarrhea – What Is It?

Diarrhea is something that women need to deal with during the early stages of pregnancy. Treatment of diarrhea during pregnancy will depend on its cause, the frequency and severity, as well as the diet choices of an expecting mother.

Early pregnancy diarrhea triggers

Intake of prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are vital to ensure that both the mother and fetus get the recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. However, the consumption of more nutrients may also disrupt the normal workings of the digestive system.

Change in Food Options

Nutritional and dietary changes are identified as triggers of pregnant women diarrhea. Digestive upset or disturbances is not old news even to those who are not pregnant. The good news is that even though dietary changes result in diarrhea, the condition is not so severe in nature.

Food Allergies and Hypersensitivities

Hormonal changes may alter the chemistry of the digestive system, and can usually produce sensitivities among women against certain food items. A pregnant can even start developing an allergy to a food item that she had no problems of consuming prior to pregnancy.

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Severe Diarrhea during Early Pregnancy

Severe diarrhea during early pregnancy only happens when there is invasion of bacteria, virus, or parasite in the gastrointestinal system. When this happens, we highly recommend that expecting mommies seek medical attention. This will help in diagnosing the root cause of diarrhea and the right antibiotics to take that will be effective in treating the condition whilst protecting the wellness of both mother and fetus.

However in the case of simple, uncomplicated cases of early pregnancy diarrhea, the usual first-aid remedies and management team is a must. Drink high amounts of water and electrolyte-filled beverages is essential to keep dehydration at bay. Rest up and be wiser about your food choices, and you’ll in no time be free of pesky diarrhea!


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