Introducing The Max Gerson Cancer Diet And How It Can Change Your Life

shutterstock_256829521Nowadays, there are a lot of health regimens that claim they can provide holistic wellness and improvement for the body. However, if there’s one thing that these have in common, it is that they are all preventive methods that aim to help individuals avoid certain diseases. But what if you are already suffering from a particular condition? Is there still hope?

Fortunately, there is. With the help of the Dr. Gerson cancer diet, there can be hope even for dreaded diseases such as cancer.


Does Gerson Therapy Work?

First of all, you have to know who Dr. Max Gerson is. He was a physician who developed a diet that can restore the body’s regenerative capacities. He thought that most diseases are results of an individual’s unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. The more ‘bad’ and unhealthy food you eat, the more you become prone to diseases in the long run.

As a result, Dr. Gerson thought that if the body would only get the right nutrition it needs in the right amounts, it can be strong enough to ward off and even fight serious medical conditions. He believed in the human body’s capacity to protect itself from diseases.

The physician made an experiment where he subjected several patients with cancer and made them take his diet. It consisted of blended vegetables and fruits, and other organic foods that can be ingested by the body. In the research, indeed the Gerson cancer cure helped in improving the condition of the patients.

The interesting and sad part here is that the experiment was done at the beginning of the 1900s, and even after yielding good results, the cancer fighting diet has not been made popular until the closing of the century.

However, eating fibre rich foods, vegetables and fruits are not only the main points in this Gerson cancer cure diet. The second portion that needs attention as well is the part where the person will need to undergo enema cleansing.

Enemas are cleansing methods that date back to Ancient Egypt. Using a tube, a small water container and a clamp, this process will flush in fluids in your anus into your colon. The main purpose of this method is to make sure all the unnecessary substances, compacted waste, and even bacteria that may be thriving in your colon would be flushed out.

Together with the Max Gerson Therapy diet, the enema will complete the one-two punch that aims to detox and regain the body’s natural strength.

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  1. It was like a miracle to have diabetes before and been cured with this therapy! I’m still using it as a detox and supplements.

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