Here Are The Things That Happen When Suffering From Diarrhea During Early Pregnancy

Diarrhea becomes a rather complicated issue when it happens to expecting mothers. Women are more careful when they deal with medical conditions and illnesses while carrying a precious life inside their tummies.

If you are on your first trimester of pregnancy and completely clueless on how to stop diarrhea, read on and discover how you can get diarrhea treated in early pregnancy!

When does diarrhea start to happen among pregnant women?

Women in their first trimester most often complain about digestive issues. A 2 weeks pregnancy diarrhea is not unheard of. This happens as the body is starting to open itself to changes from both internally and externally. Hormonal changes cause diarrhea, but this can be relieved by simple at-home treatment measures.

Diarrhea in very early pregnancy also happens du to the sudden change in the food choices among pregnant women. Women may suffer from short-term, uncomplicated diarrhea that can be remedied by increasing fluid intake, and slow transition of food options instead.

What can a pregnant woman do to resolve diarrhea?

  • Increase fluid intake. Water is the most recommended to calm the digestive system and for it to go back to its normal functioning. Avoid high sugar beverages and those that contain caffeine. Opt for sports drink, or drinks that contain high concentrations of electrolyte.
  • Establish comfort by giving yourself warm and relaxing baths.
  • Do not eat food items that trigger stomach inflammation or irritation. Avoid spicy, read, meat, and highly processed food items first.
  • Stick to the BRAT diet for the time being. This consists of banana, rice, apple, and toast.
  • Seek the expertise of a doctor if you still have watery, runny stool for more than 24 hours.

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