Bowel Cancer (Digital)

Learn more about Bowel Cancer and find out about the symptoms, causes and healthy habits that will protect you. In this Ebook we’ve listed five symptoms you need to look out for. Use this free assessment to find out if your symptoms require further investigation and seek medical attention immediately.

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Organic Coffee Light Roast Enema Solution (28 days)

Need an organic enema coffee solution for 28 consecutive days? This 28 day or 4 week supply of superior quality air roasted and gold blend organic coffee will suit your enema needs. These convenient, easy-to-use 250ml pouches are well formulated for enema use, so you can do the procedure regularly with no hassles and inconvenience.


Amazonia – Raw Pre-Probiotics 120g

If you want the ultimate digestive health support, Amazonia Raw Pre-Biotics 120g is the answer. Its unique non-dairy, whole-biotic formulation combines the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics to give you the ultimate support in digestive health. It suitable for vegan certified organic and doesn’t contain anything artificial. It also contains billions of Pre-Probiotics in each gram so you can be sure that this superfood can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Enema Bulb, Irrigator and Rubber Enema Replacement Tips

Do you need to replace your tips with a new one? With this pack you don’t need to purchase a whole new kit of enema kits as you can purchase them separately here. The pack comes with 5 replaceable tips/nozzles that can last for several use which saves you time and money. These rubber tips are compatible with our 224 mL douche ball, 80 mL Bulb Irrigator and 2L Rubber Enema Kit.