5 Ways to Stay Accountable to Your Fitness Plan

It’s your time to get that fitness program in your hand, and you’re eager to live a more healthy and more enjoyable life . . . However, how do you ensure that you stay with your plan? These five steps can help you keep yourself accountable to achieve your objectives!

Figure Out Your Weaknesses and Motivators

Spend some time to reflect on the reason you started this fitness journey. What were the influences that led you to where you are today? What are the weaknesses that hindered your progress? Are there deeper motives? What are the negative inner thoughts and external stressors that you face each day?

What is your strength? What kind of rewards are motivating you? What is it that inspires you? What is success? How does it look and feel?

Finding truthful conclusions about these issues is where you must begin so that you can be on the right path with the right motivations, increasing your chances of success.

Document Your Journey

When writing a food journal, it’s essential to be specific when setting goals. As opposed to “I want to lose 30 lbs,” imagine the picture, size of clothing, or the ability to perform the exact activity your desired weight will translate to.

The act of writing down your objectives is great, but giving some time and effort into it is more beneficial. Here are some suggestions for items you can record:

The answers to your questions about the reasons why achieving your goals is essential to you.

How you feel and look when you begin the new healthy lifestyle.

Inspirational quotes and inspirational stories.

Download an App

There are a myriad of applications that you can download onto your smartphone that keep track of your most important statistics. A small sample of the types of data that you can track (or have automatically recorded) include:

Training exercises (minutes, miles, and repetitions), weights and elevation gain and calories burned, etc.)

Daily food journal and calories.

Weight, circumference, body fat percentage, etc.

Quality of sleep and the amount.

The benefit of installing an application is that it can recommend a calorie intake that is based on factors such as the height of your body and weight. It is important to understand that the recommended calorie amount doesn’t consider your individual metabolism and body type; therefore, monitoring your results is essential to make sure you’re progressing. If you do not see the results you desire by following the recommended calorie intake, adjust your information until you begin to notice improvements.

Furthermore, the use of an app for food journaling can ensure that you’re tracking accurately calories and food intake since you can access the database of calories in the app that contains amounts for a variety of food items. Another advantage of an app is that you can keep track of other goals along with calories so that you can track your progress.

Join Others Who Have the Same Goals

No matter if it’s in the outdoors or online, gathering with friends who are striving to be healthier and stay fit is a great method to keep on the right track. Numerous fitness and gym stores have a range of clubs that you can join or gather with your neighbors. Check out Facebook or other meet-up websites to join a group of friends.

Meet Weekly With an Accountability Coach

A weekly one-on-one meeting with an accountability coach could be a huge help in achieving the fitness objectives you have set. No matter if your coach is your persona trainer, a friend, or even your nutritipersonalthey will motivate you and act as your cheerleader as you progress towards fitness.

If you follow these five tips and these five strategies, you’ll be on the way to reaching your goals. For assistance in getting and sticking to your fitness plan, contact us today!

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