Bowel Cancer (Digital)

Learn more about Bowel Cancer and find out about the symptoms, causes and healthy habits that will protect you. In this Ebook we’ve listed five symptoms you need to look out for. Use this free assessment to find out if your symptoms require further investigation and seek medical attention immediately.

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Organic Coffee Enema Grind (Medium Roast) 400gm

Our Coffee Enema Grinds are specially designed and intended for coffee enemas. The organic, fairtrade coffee beans are sourced overseas and then air roasted, ground and packaged in Australia. Your health is important to us so we have selected the best organic coffee beans for our coffee enema grind. We air roast to minimise carcinogens and finely grind to a texture most suitable for home brewing. The Medium Roast produces a chocolate brown coloured coffee enema solution. This is because it is roasted at a medium temperature to release a high amount of caffeine. This also produces a high amount of palmitic acid. Full Instructions are included.


Cellfood – Liquid 30ml

Cellfood is a breakthrough that surpasses the superfood you’ve gotten used to. It is an Oxygen as well as Nutrient Formula that promotes a Quantum boost in vital nutrition. Its formulation is proprietary with 78 ionic minerals, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, electrolytes as well as dissolved oxygen that are effectively distributed thanks to its one-of-a-kind water-splitting technology.


The Quick Detox (Digital Book)

Whether it is your first time and don’t know where to start, or you’re an experienced person searching for a genuine detox, this Ebook will introduce you to five easy steps that will have you feeling more energised, healthy and assist you to find the best solution to meet your goals.