Best Personal Training Apps

Apps are a hit with everyone, and that includes your clients. Modern apps are packed with some pretty amazing technology. With a good personal trainer app, you can manage all of your business information, individual training programs, measurements, and progress photos in one place. They will not only make your life easier but also your clients love them!

Online personal trainers, as well as affordable online fitness coaches, have revolutionized how clients approach their fitness journey. They can now stay accountable, track progress, and reach their goals anywhere in the globe.

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for the best fitness applications in the UK to become a personal trainer at an affordable price. Finding the best fitness apps and online platforms for personal trainers is crucial to providing clients with effective and efficient training so that they can reach their fitness and health goals. Fit planner apps can keep clients accountable and motivated by allowing them to track their workouts and set goals.

Personal trainer software for meal planning is also a useful tool for creating customized nutrition plans aligned with fitness goals. Trainerize, PT Distinction, and TrueCoach are some of the best apps for personal trainers.

You must choose a fitness app that is simple to use and customizable so that you can customize workouts and nutrition plans for each client. The right App for personal trainers can help you provide your clients with the best training experience and help them achieve their fitness goals.

You can use our list of top 20 apps for personal trainers to create the best online program for your clients.

Distinction PT

PT Distinction has the highest rating of any PT app on Trustpilot, Capterra, and Get App. It is a multi-award winning that helps personal trainers save time and reach more clients. It features custom branding, integration with websites, and an exercise library that contains over 1,000 videos. It is also compatible with many popular apps such as MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and MyZone Paypal. PTD can help you whether your clients are gym-goers or want to try new exercises at home.

Institute of Personal Trainers

You know that having the right tools at your disposal is essential if you are a personal trainer who wants to expand your business.

This is where iPT’s all-in-one platform for marketing comes into play. This powerful platform gives personal trainers everything they need in order to streamline marketing efforts, manage schedules, and grow businesses.

The IoT platform is a comprehensive solution for personal trainers. It offers a range of features, including website creation, email marketing, and social media management.


TrueCoach, a personal trainer and exercise planner, allows you to connect with your clients, track and measure their data and workout history and will enable you to create videos and demos that you can brand. Over 5,000 coaches use the app, which has more than 100,000 users. Your clients can view all the data on a graph. ChApp out our comprehensive TrueCoach review for more details.


Setmore is an appointment-scheduling tool for fitness businesses. Setmore offers an online booking option for clients to book appointments through your website or Facebook page easily.

The app offers calendar management tools that let you manage your schedule and set up recurring appointments. AppStore provides automatic SMS and email reminders in order to minimize missed appointments.

You can manage and create classes with a fitness instructor’s software. You can also set attendance limits and keep track of who has registered. Staff scheduling allows you to manage the schedules and availability of your staff, assign them specific classes or appointments, and view performance metrics.


Trainerize is a software that allows personal trainers to work face-to-face as well as online or in small groups. Trainerize allows for custom branding and integrates with popular software such as Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Zapier, and more. Clients can easily input photos of their progress, track measurements, and log their workouts. The application comes with a pre-built library of exercises. However, you can upload your demonstration video to YouTube or to the app itself. It’s a nice personal touch. You can show your client graphs of all the progress.


WeStrive, a personal trainer soAppare, allows trainers to schedule and book sessions online. It is available for studio owners and gym owners. You can use the software to create programs, manage sales, and assign daily habits/surveys. It also allows you to provide clients with a 5-star mobile application. Their customer service is available via messages or calls. They also have a great support system.


Pay is not just for personal trainers. It’s also one of the easiest payment providers available for coaches. Payhip is a great way to promote and sell your digital products, such as fitness ebooks, bootcamps, memberships, or other digital products, directly to clients.

Total Coaching

Total Coaching is an application for managing strength and nutrition training programs. It offers 1,000 3D animated exercise videos as well as a database with over 25,000 food items. Trainers who want to keep track of their clients’ nutrition can use this app, which offers a real-time analysis. It can create questionnaires for clients. The software includes private messages, custom branding, and graphs that display data.

Workout Labs

WorkoutLabs train Appan app that allows you to create visual workouts, manage training programs, and focus on your business. The app offers a 14-day trial with easy-to-follow illustrated exercise tutorials. You can print out the activities or view them on your smartphone or other device.

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach, a cloud-based app for personal trainers, helps PT studiosack clients’ fitness journeys and manage them. The app is available for iOS and Android and has features like client management, nutrition plans, fitness plans, and reporting functionality. Nudge Coach can also combine data from other fitness apps, and it has an internal message tool that allows clients to communicate.

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