Colonic Hydrotherapy Sydney…Should You Choose The Closed Or Open Procedure?

If you’re feeling bloated, lethargic or are looking to kick-start a weight loss program, one of the options you may be considering is to visit a Colonic Hydrotherapy Sydney clinic to find out exactly what the process involves.

As most Colonic Hydrotherapy Sydney Clinics will tell you, there are two options for you to choose from, closed or open colonic hydrotherapy. When you clearly understand the difference between the two, you can choose the one which is best for you.

Colon Hydrotherapy Sydney – Closed Procedure

In the closed colon hydrotherapy procedure, the patient lies on their left side allowing the practitioner to insert a speculum in the anus. The speculum is a hollow cylinder and has a rounded end which is divided into two parts with hinges.

After the speculum has been inserted, the patient can turn over on their back. The other end of the speculum has a large pipe attached to it. Warm filtered water  is allowed to flow into the body through a small tube which is attached to the speculum.

The practitioner has control of the water which goes into the body and releases the water through a tap. The faecal matter and water are extracted through the large tube. To assist with this process, the practitioner can gently massage the patient’s abdomen to help with the release.

The practitioner is present throughout  the process in the closed colonic hydrotherapy procedure.

Colonic Irrigation Sydney – Open Procedure

In the open colonic irrigation procedure, the patient is shown how to position themselves on the bed and are instructed on how they need to insert the rectal tube.

Once the instructions are clear, the practitioner leaves  the patient to undress, waist downwards, position themselves on the bed and insert the tube and cover themselves up. The patient can ring the bell once they are ready to call in the practitioner.

The practitioner fits the lid to the end of the patient’s bed. The patient can raise their legs or put them on side of their bed. The patient remains covered throughout the process.

The practitioner allows the water to flow and instructs the patient how they can turn it off if they feel uncomfortable.

As water  flows into the body, the patient will begin to feel the urge to defecate and the faecal matter and water travels around the tube before dropping into the basin located under the patient’s bottom.  It then travels out through a transparent plastic tube.

If the patient wishes, they can request hot packs and gentle massage to add to their comfort.

Although the medical practitioner is not present at all times during the procedure, they are always behind the door and can be called upon if required.

Colon Cleanser – The Safe and Time-Saving DIY Option for Colonic in Sydney

For cost and time conscious customers, there’s now  a convenient option for a colon cleanse in Sydney.  It involves using an enema kit, which is a safe and economical colon cleanser. The product comes with clear instructions and is easy to self-administer at home.

The equipment is reusable and regular enemas can result in long-term health benefits.

If you’re considering colonic irrigation at home in Sydney, and are looking for a convenient option within your budget, Enema Kits Australia has a wide choice of products to choose from. Click Here to browse through our online store or Call 1300 475 877 if you have any questions.

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