How To Prepare For A Colon Hydrotherapy Sydney

If you’re considering to undergo Colonic Irrigation in Sydney, here are some helpful tips to help you prepare so you can get the most benefit from the process.

Colonic Irrigation Sydney – Preparing your Mind

Whether it’s a colonic irrigation or any other process you’re planning, your body will respond to treatment in the best possible way when your mind is in a relaxed state.

Start preparing to calm your mind a few days before, so you’re mentally prepared on the day of the colonic irrigation procedure.

You can listen to soothing music, practice meditation, exercise or do whatever else facilitates a supportive and positive mindset.

Colon Hydrotherapy Sydney – What You Should Drink the Day Before

The day prior to your colon hydrotherapy session, drinks a few glasses of water throughout the day, so you’re well hydrated.

Additionally, you can also consume raw vegetable juice for a few days leading up to the procedure. The juice will help you loosen the toxic waste in your colon, so the cleansing process starts well before the actual procedure. Vegetable juice will also help rinse toxins away from the internal lining of the colon.

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Colon Cleansing – What You Should Eat the Day Before

Making a change in your diet can go a long way in helping you get the best results from your Colon Hydrotherapy.

Start by eating nourishing and healthy foods a few days before the procedure.

On the day of the colon cleansing procedure, eat a meal three or four hours before. No meals should be taken two hours before the procedure.

Here are some suggested food items you can consider:

  • Raw vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Lightly steamed vegetables
  • Organic seeds
  • Organic nuts
  • Avocados and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh water fish

Salads are always a good dietary option, and even more important if you’re preparing for a colon hydrotherapy. Salads act like a brush sweeping away unwanted debris present in the large intestines.

Avoid greasy food, red meat, sugary food and processed food a few days before the procedure, and make it a good habit to minimise consuming them as a lifestyle choice to improve your health.

A quick and healthy cleansing recipe is to add the head of a romaine lettuce to an equal amount of celery, 2 apples, 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, 1 lemon and 6 stalks of kale.

Make use of organic produce as far as possible.

Colon Irrigation Benefits

Once you’ve completed the process you will begin to experience several benefits.

Here are three important ones:

  1. Improved Digestion and Prevents Constipation

Colon Irrigation softens and pushes out toxic waste from the body, which eases digestion and improves bowel regularity. With bacteria producing waste out of the way, nutrients can be absorbed more effectively, improving digestion and preventing constipation.

       2. Increased Energy and Improved Concentration

When toxins are purged from the intestines, the body can absorb nutrients more effectively and energy levels improve. Better absorption of crucial vitamins required for mental clarity results in improved concentration.

3. Assists with Weight Loss

Weight gain is most often a result of eating low-fibre food. Without adequate fibre, the stomach does not feel full and people tend to overeat. Low fibre food lingers a lot longer in the intestines.

Cleansing the colon, leaves it clean and accompanied by a lifestyle change in dietary habits can lead to a significant drop in weight.

Colon Cleansing in the Convenience of Your Home

Many people feel uncomfortable at the thought of colon hydrotherapy and fortunately, there’s a safe and easy colon cleansing process which can be done safely at home.

All that’s required is a high quality enema kit. Enemas are growing in popularity and are even being used by celebrities to detox, especially while they’re filming on set or on a concert tour.

Enema Kits Australia has a range of high quality enema kits in stock and can be shipped discreetly to your house. So why go through the inconvenience of hydrotherapy at a clinic when you can cleanse your colon in the privacy of your home? View our range of enema products or call 1300 475 877 if you have any questions.

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