How fitness technology is transforming the industry

It’s a bold promise, but that’s what’s really happening. Fitbits can track your steps. Apps like Strava can track your runs. Nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal will track your macros. And gym management software like Glofox will track the progress of your gym and your clients. Athletics leaders must understand how technology is changing the fitness industry.

Glofox is creating the next generation of gym management software. We’re there for you. This article will examine the way that technology and smart fitness are merging, as well as the opportunities for fitness instructors and gyms. We’ll also look at key trends in fitness to help you stay on top of your game. Come on, let’s get started!

Fitness technology and the changing industry

The technology is changing the way people train. Everyone uses Apple Pay to pay for their morning coffee, and CRMs are used to manage sales. Now, many gym-goers use fitness trackers in order to monitor their training.

Of course, fitness technology won’t replace physical exercise. It will help you get the most out of your sweat, blood, and tears so that no dumbbell curl is wasted.

A diet app will keep you energized and help track your macros. Wearable devices that track your fitness can keep you motivated, even if they are just used to make you feel guilty about the little exercise you did that day. Tools for gym management like Glofox can make it easier to manage memberships and book sessions with trainers.

Gym owners who meet this demand are already reaping benefits. (You can do it, too!)

Why fitness studios must adapt to the changing technology

The needs of athletes are constantly changing. To keep up with the technology, studios must adjust their work. Integrating fitness technology such as wearables, at-home workouts, and mobile applications can make your life and that of your clients easier. Studio owners can gain a competitive edge by adopting new technology early.

Personal trainers and gym owners may spend more time with their clients rather than doing administrative work. For users, this could be easy data access that allows them to focus on their training or the ability to schedule classes without having to call in. You know (wink wink nudge) that Glofox will help you to do all of this in one super-easy dashboard.

Current fitness technology trends

Here are nine of the most popular products and services in fitness technology available today:

Online fitness programs

It can be found by searching Google, but it is a bespoke program designed by a trainer that will lead to long-lasting results and habits. The difference between a one-off and a structured program is the structure. Create an online fitness program, and you will have a new way to engage with your clients.

Fitness equipment for home

Fitness equipment at home allows people to exercise when they want. Peloton and NordicTrack brands saw huge growth during lockdown, and many home athletes have stuck to them ever since. Personal trainers and gym owners need to be on top of this trend in technology and find ways to engage clients similarly. Offer virtual classes and tailor your programming to the types of fitness equipment that most athletes have at home. Boom: that’s a win-win.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology has become ubiquitous. Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Garmin brands allow everyone to track fitness metrics at a level that was previously only available to top athletes. This presents a great opportunity for gyms to offer clients individualized coaching based on data. You should always be aware of your client’s metrics, whether it’s their weight, macros, or personal maximums. Your clients will remember your attention to detail.

Virtual Reality

In recent years, VR and gamification have taken off. Fitness and entertainment are combined to create an immersive experience in high demand. This is a great way for studios or gyms to stand out. The major brands in this industry include Oculus Omni By Virtuix and HOLOFIT. So, have fun exploring the metaverse.

Recovery Trainers

Recovery is just as important as training itself when it comes to a successful routine. Your body will be in better shape if you allow it to recover fully. Fitness technology can also help. Apps like Athletic and Recover Athletics can monitor water intake, heart rate, breathing patterns, and sleep habits.

AI Personal Trainers

You might see this piece of technology as a personal trainer. You’d be correct. Good artificial intelligence tools are not cheap. This includes the fitness world. We are not suggesting that you hook yourself up, but rather beat smart fitness tools where they cannot compete: human parts. You can outsmart artificial intelligence by being funny and personable and connecting with your athletes on a 1-to-1 basis.

Wellness apps

Since the middle of the ’10s, there has been a growing understanding of the connection between physical and mental well-being. It’s not a bad idea to offer holistic services, such as meditation or positive mental health if you are a fitness center owner or trainer. This will make your facility stand out and show that you care. Glofox clients use the app to launch cutting-edge health programs. We love seeing this.

Gym management software

It’s time for us. The latest software for gym management is at the forefront of fitness operations. It helps studios such as yours provide personalized training while managing all their membership services.

Even the smallest tweaks can have a big impact. Imagine that your clients would be able to schedule their appointments via an app instead of calling you (ugh! What a hassle). It’s a small change that has a huge impact on your business. Fitness technology is a great tool for personal trainers.

Glofox is a fitness app that can help you improve customer engagement and experience, as well as help your clients manage their training. This gives clients more control while also giving you more control. Plus, it reduces stress. You can also keep track of your business’ performance with enhanced membership analytics.

You now know the benefits of fitness technology and what’s available. The only thing left to decide is which one you want to implement into your business. Glofox is the best fitness management software tool available. We are biased, but we think it’s the best. Our dashboard allows you to track and manage your club’s digital services and operations, as well as your business successes. It also helps you provide better training for more clients. You’re in the right place to take advantage of the changes that technology is bringing to the fitness industry.

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