Primal blueprint laws: Your ultimate guide to healthy living

Smartphones and social networks have transformed the way we communicate and collect information. High-tech life is a part of modern society.

It’s not all bad news. They want to be happy and healthy, but they don’t know what to do. Today, ancestral living is more widely accepted. Today, the terms “primal movement,” “intermittent fasting,” and “gluten-free keto” are more common.

Most people are unaware that modern creature comforts can make us sick. The modern lifestyle is characterized by unhealthy, sedentary patterns of living that do not promote vibrant health. Our high-stress lives have contributed to the epidemic of chronic metabolic diseases sweeping the world despite our growing desire to lead healthier and happier lives. The number of people with preventable diseases like:

Mark Sisson, Aaron Fox, and the Primal Coach Institute (PHCI) launched the first ancestral health coach certification in 2014. After almost a decade, the PHCI now offers 13 certificates. These courses provide a wide range of specializations within the health and fitness fields. Our systems are all based on lifestyle principles as outlined in 10 primal blueprint laws.

This post will revisit the ten original primal blueprint laws. Whether this is your first introduction to the laws or if you are a PHCI graduate or student looking to refresh on the basics of simple living. This is the post for you. Let’s get started!

The 10 Primal Blueprint Laws

The ten laws of the primal blueprint make up the ultimate coaching guide.

Our DNA holds the key to a healthy lifestyle that is effortless. Homo sapiens were shaped by the selection pressures that our hunter-gatherer forefathers were exposed to.

This means that our bodies work best when we adopt lifestyles that are similar to the selection pressures that our hunter-gatherer forefathers were exposed to.

It’s now possible to reprogram your genes. If you want to achieve optimal gene expression, then you can improve your mental health, reduce blood sugar, improve muscle development, or stop weight gain.

The ten primal laws are based upon the natural selection forces that have shaped the evolution of humans for more than two million years. Our ancestors did not have gym memberships, and they did not buy organic groceries and produce. They collected firewood, hunted wild animals, and foraged for berries. In the Paleolithic period, healthy living was about surviving each day.

The technological advancements of today have eliminated many daily tasks performed by our ancestors. Our genetic makeup is the same. To live optimally, we still need the same selection forces as our ancestors. These ten primal laws are lifestyle choices we can make to live a healthy life in today’s world.

Now, we’ll dive deeper into the ways you can use these laws in your daily life.

Eat lots of plants and animals

The Primal Blueprint outlines an eating plan that is very different from the Standard American Diet. Conventional wisdom is faulty and will lead you to follow a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. There is a wealth of medical and scientific data that proves eating this way can cause excessive insulin production and excess body fat and even lead to chronic metabolic diseases.

Conventional wisdom also tells you that calorie restriction and willpower are the only ways to prevent gaining weight as we age. The primal blueprint outlines healthy eating habits that buck this trend.

Protein – Certified organic, local meat, poultry, and fish that is pasture-raised.

Healthy fats: avocados, nuts, coconuts, and olive oil.

Fermented dairy products such as yogurt or kefir.

Eighty percent of your body composition is determined by what you eat. This means that your health will be greatly affected if your nutrition is on point.

Slowly move around

You don’t need to exhaust yourself with intense exercise. Two to five hours of low-level aerobic activities per week is enough to regulate blood sugar levels and burn fat. Low-intensity exercise can include:

The Maffetone method and zone 2 are becoming more popular. Low-intensity exercises that consider your heart rate are used by endurance athletes in order to increase their aerobic capacity.

Lifting heavy objects

These movements are referred to as the Primal Essential Movements by the primal blueprint.

You can lift heavy objects by lifting weights in the gym or doing bodyweight training at home. This type of exercise should be done for 30 to 45 minutes, two to three days a week.

There are many health benefits to lifting heavy objects, including:

Strengthening muscle mass and power.

Increases the release of growth hormone.

Run fast once in a blue moon

The health benefits of sprinting for 7-10 days a week include:

Human growth hormone (HGH), which is secreted by the body, increases.

Strengthening muscles and increasing muscle mass

You can perform your sprints as follows:

Run (up the hill, along the grass, or at the beach).

You’ll spend the majority of your sprint session warming up and cooling off. The sprints themselves should last around five minutes.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is important for your health. Your body uses sleep time to:

Heal wounds throughout the body and repair cells.

Reorganize nerve cell organization.

Sleep deprivation can prevent you from achieving your health goals. Improve your sleep health by:

Keep your bedroom temp cool (between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit).

Get some sun every day

The benefits of daily sun exposure (without burnt skin) include:

While sun exposure is important for a healthy lifestyle, you should avoid getting too sunburnt. This can increase your chances of developing skin cancer. A slight suntan is an indication that you have had enough sun exposure.

Avoid trauma

It may seem obvious, but avoiding trauma is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Eliminate self-destructive behavior by:

Avoid dangerous situations by being aware of your surroundings.


The 10 Primal Blueprint Laws are the ultimate guide to healthy living. All 13 coaching certifications at the PHCI are based on evolutionary biological principles.

Are you ready to begin your coaching journey now? Find the certification that’s right for you.

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