Organic Coffee Enema Grind (Light/Medium Roast Blend) 400gm


Our Coffee Enema Grinds are specially designed and intended for coffee enemas. The organic, fair trade coffee beans are sourced overseas and then air roasted, ground and packaged in Australia.

Your health is important to us so we have selected the best organic coffee beans for our coffee enema grind. We air roast to minimise carcinogens and finely grind to a texture most suitable for home brewing.

The Light/Medium Roast Blend  is high in caffeine and palmitic acid and is a cross between the two blends.

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Product Description

The Organic Coffee Enema Grind is designed to replenish stock for your next coffee enema detox.

What makes the coffee beans special:

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Fairtrade
  • Air Roasted
  • Finely Ground

The difference in the roasts

In the Light Golden Roast coffee beans are roasted at low temperature to release maximum caffeine, producing a high amount of palmic acid.  The enema solution is light green in colour.

In the The Medium Roast coffee beans are roasted at medium temperature to release a high amount of caffeine. This also produces a high amount of palmic acid. The enema solution has a chocolate brown colour. solution.

The Light/Medium Blend is a a combination of the two grinds for those who wish to have stronger than the Medium Roast but not as high as the Light Golden Roast.

The choice of roast will depend on your personal circumstances such as following the Gerson or other health regime. When first starting out your body will only be able to  accommodate the caffeine level in the medium roast. As your body gets accustomed to coffee enemas, you can move on to higher levels of coffee for detoxing.


100% certified organic, fairtrade coffee beans. (Product contains caffeine)

High caffeine and palmitic acid content, this is lighter in colour than usual coffee due to the air roasting production process and the temperature at which the beans are roasted.

Extra Information

How many enemas will 400g produce?

The amount of coffee grind is sufficient  for 8-16 enemas, depending on how strong you prefer your coffee.

To help you decide on the strength of your coffee, a  guide sheet has been included explaining how to brew your coffee based on your preference. This will help you determine how long the coffee will last.

Why Air Roast?

Normal drum roasting involves use of a hot flame beneath a rotating drum. When beans pass over the hot part of the drum where the flame is present, they burn. This gives the beans a cooked/bitter taste. This process develops the strong coffee flavour. Roasting in this way also produces some carcinogens which is not recommended for ingestion in the body, which is why the beans are air roasted for coffee enemas.

What is Fairtrade? 

Fairtrade refers to fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries so they can invest in their businesses and grow their communities for a sustainable future.



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