Sleep Science and Your Health

What amount of sleep do you get every day? If it’s less than seven hours, you’re decreasing your life span. Although it might appear rather dramatic, sleep deprivation could cause debilitating health issues like heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, strokes, obesity and anxiety, depression, diminished brain functioning, memory loss, diminished immune system, decreased levels of fertility, as well as mental disorders.

The majority of us get more than 230,000 hours of rest prior to “the big chill,” which is a significant amount of time spent giving our brains the chance to relax. Perhaps nature is a big fan of the kind of rest that we need. Humans have fewer hours of sleep, generally being a group, than other animals in The Animal Kingdom; lions and bats, for example, have a sleep time of nearly 20 hours per day.

Health Benefits of Sleep

It’s obvious, then, that sleeping is a necessary aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Just like any workout routine, a certified dietician at The Total Health and Fitness will certainly incorporate sleep into your fitness plan. But why is that? With the help of sleep research, Neuroscientists have been working to understand the reason our bodies call us to get more sleep and to determine the difference in quality of life between those who are well-rested and those with a body that’s “running on a half-tank.”

Strengthening Your Immune System

You may be shocked to find out that sleep can have direct effects on your body’s ability to fight colds and heal injuries. Consider the body’s immunity body like your body’s Coast Guard: various cells such as proteins, antibodies, and other cells traverse your bloodstream in search of foreign invaders. If they spot them, they spring into action, surrounded by the invader — be it the harmful bacteria or virus or foreign object inside your body and eliminate it.

The immune system adapts to the changing collection of immune responses that your body creates throughout your life. This process is divided into two kinds:

The innate Immune System: The phagocytes, as well as histamine and cytokines, have been present in your body from the time of the time of your birth. If you’re sick, your body produces more blood and then sends your white blood cells into the region to help in setting things in order.

The Acquired Immune SystemThis specific system releases the antibodies that your cells developed from prior exposure to the disease (like when you get a vaccine) to the areas of concern.

When you work together with Total Health in Fitness, your trainer will show you why sleep is an excellent option to recover from a tough workout, as muscles benefit from the rest they get to repair what’s been damaged. Your immune system functions similarly. Proteins are essential to your body when you have the night, which helps your body fight off various ailments.

In reality, you may have noticed that when injured or sick, you’re more tired. This is your body’s way of inducing your body to allow it to perform its job of healing you.

A Healthy Brain, a Healthy Body

It is the responsibility of our certified fitness and nutrition experts in Utah to ensure that your body functions at optimum levels, and that includes making sure that what you do and how you work with it aren’t damaging. Sleep is your body’s method of controlling your most vital systems, including the activity of your brain.

Lack of sleep can have certain impacts on the brain:

Brains have difficulty learning new information and retaining what it has learned.

A smaller amount of “waste products” are flushed out of the brain when we’re awake. This means that the brain is less able to accommodate new healthy cells.

Mood swings can be more frequent when sleep isn’t available.

The brain has a tougher time sending out energetic enzymes to the body, causing you to feel slow.

Anxiety and depression can worsen the more sleep you receive.

The evidence is in the pudding in the realm of sleep science. Your coach at any of our Utah Total Health and Fitnesses will ensure to stress the importance of sleep while you embark on a path to better health. Get a free consultation today to start your new healthy lifestyle.

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