How To Stop Diarrhea Quickly With Coffee Enemas

From time to time we, the humans, create new foods that harm us, as well as new panaceas for illness. If you have faced one of the following illnesses in your life – a toxic colon or liver, pains in the body, parasites in the intestine, depression and stress, low energy levels, and some types of diarrhea, the solution to your problems may lie in something very unobtrusive – coffee.

First, let’s talk about an illness that strikes healthy adults up to four times a year – diarrhea. Diarrhea causes several changes in your life. First, it slows you down. By taking away your strength, diarrhea takes away your ability to function normally. Second, you can’t eat and drink like you normally do. Third, and most importantly, diarrhea causes a sudden shift in your physical and mental state thus catching you unawares. If you don’t solve the problem of diarrheal sickness quickly, it will take away precious hours and days of your life.

Because healthy adults face diarrhea up to four times a year, it is something that everyone should gear up for.  Ask yourself these questions – Are you prepared for it? Do you know how to combat diarrhea effectively? Do you have the tools in your arsenal to defeat diarrhea? This article aims to inform and educate you on how you can fight diarrheal infections and return to normal, fast, and also talks about the many benefits you can get from a coffee enema.

What Causes Diarrhea

To understand something is to gain power over it. By understanding the causes of diarrhea we understand how to deal with it better. Diarrhea has several underlying causes. Broadly, it can be caused by bacteria, virus, travel, or may be due to a chronic condition. In turn diarrhea causes an inability to perform normally.

Diarrhea Caused by Bacteria

Bacteria are usually present in the air we breathe, the food and water we consume, and the earth we walk on. Yet some of these bacteria are harmful if they get into the body system. When bacteria harm the digestive tract and upset its floral balance the result may be diarrhea. Unpasteurized milk, shellfish, meat, and eggs are potential foods through which bacteria enter the body. In addition even other foods are liable to get infected in a number of ways if basic sanitary rules are not observed.

In advanced countries, food is usually well refrigerated and therefore cases of contamination are rare. Food control ensures that food on tables is uncontaminated. Yet there are some rules to follow to ensure that the food you eat is uncontaminated. These include cooking meat thoroughly, washing hands, cleaning utensils and surfaces thoroughly, and refrigerating leftovers quickly. When eating outside, choose eateries that are known for high standards of hygiene.

Diarrhea Caused by Viruses

Diarrhea can also be caused by viral infections. These viruses are highly contagious. If you were to shake hands with a person who had a viral contamination and then eat with your hands without washing, you would be liable to contract the virus. Likewise, if you share drinks or utensils with a person who is contaminated, you could get the virus. Contaminated food is a leading cause of viral infections. Sometimes people who themselves don’t have symptoms of viral infection spread the virus.

The principles of prevention of viral infection are the same as those with bacterial infections. Keep your hands and surroundings clean. Do not share utensils. It is difficult to know for sure which caused the diarrhea – bacteria or virus. The reason is that the symptoms are the same with both and they both clear out in the same time.

Diarrhea Common in Travelers

Travelers touring countries with lower standards of hygiene than their home countries often experience bouts of diarrhea. If you plan to travel to a developing country, steer clear of street food and restaurants that are unclean. Always drink bottled water.

Persistent or Chronic Diarrhea

Sometimes diarrhea occurs due to modern medication. Antibiotics often kill the good bacteria in the gut and lead to diarrhea. In addition drugs for cancer, blood pressure, and acidity cause diarrhea. If you are troubled by diarrhea and are on medication, consult with your doctor to isolate the problem.

Sometimes dairy products, gluten, and artificial sweeteners cause diarrhea. When people cannot digest milk, they have what is known as “lactose intolerance.” Some of those with lactose intolerance can digest cheese and yogurt comfortably.

In addition, there are several potential causes of chronic diarrhea including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, Addison’s disease, and chronic pancreatitis.

Diarrhea Treatment

Proper treatment is essential to recover quickly from diarrhea. Treatment can involve prescription and non-prescription medication, home remedies, and enemas.

Medication needs to be administered with the proper knowledge. Sometimes medication reacts adversely.

Home remedies involve standard practices and time-tested treatments. Standard practices include consuming more of liquids than solid foods. In addition eat several times a day rather than thrice, and eat in small portions. This ensures that the stomach gets the required rest. Drink water in small sips throughout the day. Do not eat fruits, heavily spiced food, and do not consume alcohol. Do not eat sorbitol chewing gum and do not drink milk till the symptoms disappear.

Psyllium husk is great for thickening the stool and thus relieving diarrhea. Yogurt is also good for the gut during diarrhea. Eat bland foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, and toast (BRAT diet). Lemon-honey tea and chamomile tea are good for treating diarrhea. Similarly there are a number of other home-remedies for alleviating the symptoms of diarrhea. These involve commonly available foods and do not have side-effects.

Coffee Enemas for Diarrhea and Well-being

Enemas have been used for diarrhea treatment for over two millennia. There are various kinds of enema including yogurt enemas, Epsom salt enemas, milk and molasses enemas, coffee enemas, lemon juice enemas, salt and soda enemas, and salt water enemas. Each of these enemas has its own unique action and is used for slightly differing purposes.

Coffee enemas are gaining ground in the natural healing and detoxification world as the enema that solves many problems. Primarily coffee enemas are used to stimulate liver functioning but they can also help in healing diarrhea in some cases. See this post on how to do a coffee enema in 5 simple steps for more information on administering coffee enemas.

Coffee enemas are good for healing diarrhea in the following cases:

1) Diverticulitis related diarrhea can be solved by coffee enemas because these enemas are great for cleaning out diverticuli.

2) Fecal incontinence due to diarrhea can also be cured by coffee enemas.

3) Food poisoning that is one among diarrhea causes can also be healed by coffee enemas.

4) Diarrhea related to celiac disease can also be cured by a coffee enema.

There are several other benefits of coffee enemas:

Coffee enemas work by mechanical cleansing of the body and autointoxication. Coffee through enemas is great for liver functioning. It detoxifies the liver after it directly enters the bloodstream through the enema.  In addition the increase in bile from the liver and pancreatic juice from the pancreas due to these enemas helps detoxification. When you drink coffee, much of its herbal characteristics are lost to digestive fluids. The oils in the coffee detoxify physical toxins as well as those that adversely affect mental health. They help in rehydrating the person taking the enema. In addition this enema also works as an astringent. Theophylline and theobromine present in coffee are anti-inflammatory.

The selenium in coffee is better absorbed through enemas. Coffee enemas remove toxins in the body, thus reducing body toxicity and promoting well-being (body toxicity is at an all time historical high). In addition they aid in healing the colon and rebuilding the liver. Several parasites (virus, yeast, bacteria) can be eliminated using coffee enemas. This enema also helps people with depression and stress. It enhances the level of energy in the individual.

People doing coffee enemas experience greater alkalinity in the digestive tract. Also it may have a calming effect of the sympathetic nervous system. It also assists in the working of the lymphatic system. It reduces toxic metals and chemicals in the body.  Here are the top ten health benefits of doing coffee enemas.

Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas should not be practiced before sleeping because of the stimulant effect of caffeine.

If the coffee enema irritates the colon, consider adding two tablespoons of aloe vera juice to it.

Coffee enemas cannot be practiced if you have severe hemorrhoids

When beginning coffee enemas, use small amounts of coffee to see the reaction.

Coffee enemas can lower the sugar level in the blood. This can be counteracted by eating something before taking the enema.

Use organic coffee for the enema.

There are several dangers and side effects of coffee enemas and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Yet the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls.

The use of coffee enemas for diarrhea causes a number of other parameters of well-being to spike. It might even become a part of your life and health routine. Remember, fighting diarrhea is easy if you know how, and so is overcoming a number of nagging health issues. If you want to buy coffee enema supplies, silicone and rubber enema kits as well as organic coffee solutions and Gerson Therapy packs are available online.

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4 Responses to “How To Stop Diarrhea Quickly With Coffee Enemas”

  1. The first time I’ve tried using enemas as a relief for my diarrhea I’m a bit worried but after taking the solution I feel more relaxed and better because the solution I expel doesn’t burn like the diarrhea.

  2. I’ve been hit with bouts of severe diarrhea the past few years, and am miserable. I’ve never heard of coffee enemas to possibly treat it….my doctor certainly hasn’t mentioned it. I’ll definitely have to do more research and look into this. But if this can cure my diarrhea episodes, I’d be forever grateful. thanks for sharing this.

  3. I became extremely ill due to IBS and diarrhea. I have tried several medicines but this gerson therapy is the best. It is mild but extremely effective.

  4. I’ve been hit with diarrhea for the past year now, and it stops me from working and doing a lot of things. Fasting is pretty much my single cure, just giving my system a rest for 10-20 days is enough to reset everything. Enemas are a great way for symptom relief. Crippling diarrhea the night before i have to work can be solved by an enema, and I can pay the rent for another week! Very useful symptom relief but not great for long term use. Use it while your healing and need to keep living! But find a solution to the problem. Probiotics, water fasts and juice fasts are ideal if you have ruled out serious causes like crohns and other inflammatory problems.

    I think that fasts are a much better long term solution, to restore normal function and tolerances, but certainly use enemas if you need a boost when your symptoms are crippling!

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