Protecting Yourself Legally as a Health Coach

As a health coach, you operate in a semi-regulated industry that comes with many layers of risk. You also want to empower others. But protecting your entrepreneurial journey is just as important. You are a health coach in an industry that is semi-regulated and carries many risks. As you enter the online marketing world, you open yourself up to even more legal issues.

It is important to create a solid foundation for your business. This will allow you to move forward confidently and without stress.

You don’t want generic legal agreements to be used that are not specific to health coaches. We partnered with Law Is Fun to help us achieve this. The legal contracts they offer are tailored to Health Coaches and speak directly to our industry’s nuances. You can rest assured that you will be covered in all situations!

Law Is Fun offers three legal packages that are geared toward health coaching:

New Package for Health Coaching: Includes all essentials that a new health coaching business needs to protect themselves AND 4 bonus agreements designed to help them take on the world of online.

Complete the online health coaching package. All the essentials and bonus items are included in the New Health Coaching Package with a Community membership agreement. For those who want to create an online coaching community that goes beyond one-on-one coaching!

Online Course Package: All that is included in the Complete Online Coaching Package PLUS an Online Agreement. This is for those who are serious about creating and selling courses online.

Law Is Fun offers a variety of individual agreements that can fill in any gaps you may have. All of them can be found here. You can get 10% off with code PRIMAL.

How to Legally Protect Yourself As a Health Coach with These 4 Legal Agreements

The three packages of health coaching mentioned above include all the agreements listed below.

Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions

Your coaching journey requires you to handle personal information. The Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition establishes clear guidelines for data security, which will help you build trust with your clients. This ensures that you are compliant with privacy legislation while also demonstrating professionalism. Every website on the planet requires these agreements.

Waiver of Liability

Unexpected twists and turns can occur in the world of health coaching. The Release of Liability is your legal armor, protecting you against potential claims arising from injuries or dissatisfaction. This is your safety net. You can focus on helping clients achieve wellness without having to worry about them suing because of the advice they received.

You can also find out more about us on our website

Communication is essential in coaching. The Disclaimer document sets out your scope of services and ensures clients are aware of what you offer.

Service Agreement

The Agreement for Service is a document that outlines your professional obligations. This document outlines your specific services, fees, and other important details to ensure mutual understanding.

The four essentials are for those who are just starting… but most of you will also be diving into affiliate marketing, social media, and sharing testimonials. These agreements are BONUSES included in the three packages above.

Affiliate Disclaimer

The Affiliate Disclosure adds another layer of transparency if you are engaged in affiliate marketing. This disclosure cements your credibility and trustworthiness by revealing any possible financial relationships.

Social Media Disclaimer

Your online presence is important. Social Media Disclaimer clarifies the purpose of your content and prevents misconceptions. You won’t get into trouble if someone takes your “advice” or follows any education on social media.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The cornerstone of coaching is trust. Non-disclosure agreements ensure that confidential discussions stay just that: secret. The Non-Disclosure Agreement is used to create a safe environment, but it can also be used when you want to keep the workings of your business private and work with employees or contractors.

Media Release

Sharing testimonials is one of the best ways to get new coaching clients and build your business. Most marketing plans include testimonials. If you don’t have a Release, you can’t use their testimonial or post it legally! Be sure to get this signed before you start promoting!

The conclusion of the article is

Use health coaching-specific legal agreements to protect yourself and your business.

Law Is Fun offers legal packages that will save you time so that you can devote your energies to your true calling: helping clients achieve their healthiest, best selves.

Get the legal foundation that you need to succeed and have a lasting influence in the wellness world.

OR, if your essentials are already in place, you can check out the Law Is Fun Legal store. You can fill in any gaps with the full range of legal documents available.

Hiring contractors? This is what you’ll need.

Hiring employees? This is what you’ll need.

Running giveaways? Launch your launch without.

The Law is Fun agreement is affordable and written by an attorney who has worked with more than 1,000 wellness entrepreneurs. Their legal packages will cover the majority of your health coaching requirements. When you buy their agreements, however, you do not get personalized legal support. We recommend Cory at Conscious Counsel if you are looking for customized guidance on legal aspects specific to your business.

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