Best Web Design Trends for Personal Trainers in 2018

If you plan to redesign your personal trainer website or build a new one entirely, the main objective should always be to create an unforgettable user experience. The site should be made with your customer’s needs and preferences in mind.

They’re going to be the ones using your website, and their experience will determine your success.

This blog will look at some key design trends for 2018. Take a look. Look at what’s available and determine the trends you should use for your personal training website.

You’ll hopefully be able to give your clients what they want.

Parallax Design

A scrolling design where the background image moves at a slower pace than the foreground image.

A parallax design for a fitness website creates the illusion of depth and makes the website more interactive. The use of parallax design to divide large text areas, colors, and content can reduce cognitive load.

The parallax effect can be heavy on mobile devices. It’s best to choose a theme that loads quickly or to turn it off altogether. This will allow you to focus your attention on other elements of your website.

This is demonstrated in a website that we created for Want to Know Fitness. Note how the header remains in place while the content below appears to crawl on top of the above content.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical layouts are exactly what they sound like. Asymmetrical designs are those that don’t look symmetrical when you view the page.

In the past, websites relied on symmetry for order and cleanliness. With the latest tech and browser capabilities, as well as the new web design trends, we can now use color, letter, layout, and images to reduce cognitive burden.

They are my favorite. You can make your website stand out with the right blend of text and images. See our portfolio to see the best websites for personal trainers that we have built with an asymmetrical design.

Drop shadows

Is the use of shadows a new concept? The use of shadows is not further.

Web designers use shadows to create depth and an illusion of the world beyond the screen. This is a reaction to the flat-design trend of years past.

Drop shadows were used on Ripped By Rycrofts Resources to give her downloads a more tangible feel.


Video on your website can be very effective. But times are changing. Although video is still a huge deal, the videos you use for your website will likely change. Cinemagraphs are the current trend.

What is a cinemagraph, you may ask?

They’re just sequential images that have been clicked together and stitched to give the illusion of motion. Flipbooks and GIFs are the closest examples to cinemagraphs.

We created a GIF to represent the eight stages of Business Learning for Personal Trainers.

Cinemagraphs have become a big thing because they are easy to create and integrate and also provide a lot of visual interest.

You could also add some nice touches by using cinemagraphs that show you or your client working out.

Bold Lettering

The current trend in typography seems to favor bold letters. Many of the websites that we have designed now anchor their home page with large, bold words. This may not work, however, if other design elements do not cooperate.

Idealistically, bold typography is best used when the design of the page is minimalistic. Bold typography works well with a minimalistic design.

Visit the Strength Archetype website of our client, Eric. We used bold text in order to make his message stand out.

Sticky Menus

Sticky menus are becoming increasingly popular on fitness websites due to their simplicity.

It is easy to access any page on a personal trainer’s website with just a few mouse clicks. It is important to do this if your website has a large number of menus or pages.

We almost always add this nice touch to our designs, even if it isn’t something you would do.


The term brutalism is used to describe a recent trend in which website designers use aggressive tactics to stand out against their competitors. The focus is on creating a bold feeling. Critics may call it “a bit too much,” yet the tactic appears to be working.

The “brutalism,” as it’s known, was born out of a reactionary response to the standardization of web design. This style is characterized as having design elements like asymmetry and non-conforming images, with zero-order and zero hierarchy.

You end up with an unfinished and raw design, which may not be visually pleasing but is sure to grab attention.

Considering that potential clients will be looking for information about your business on your site, brutalism is not the best approach.


With the advancement of technology, websites can now offer more functionality and aesthetics. In the past, animations on websites were loud and flashy. They didn’t always serve a purpose.

Animations are different today. The animated elements of today are more subtle and have a purpose.

Two types of animation are the most popular today.

First, we have what we call “scroll triggered animation”. This type of animation is lightweight, as it does not affect the browser’s performance or loading time. Transitions are easier to create. These animations, when used with imagination, can add a lot to the visual appeal.

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