TikTok’s ‘Cozy Cardio’ Trend is a Relaxing Approach to Fitness

Cozy Cardio, a new fitness trend found on TikTok, takes a gentler approach to exercising. If you are intimidated by intense workouts, this may be the perfect way to stay fit.

Cozy cardio is about making exercising a fun and enjoyable activity that you can do every day.

This involves creating a relaxing and calm exercise environment, and then completing a Cardio Workout. This is usually done in the comfort of your home.

Hope Zuckerbrow, creator of TikTok, popularized this trend by posting her morning cardio workout on the platform.

She began her early morning cardio workout by lighting a tea candle, making iced Coffee and wearing fluffy socks. Then, she walked on a walking pad at a slow pace for 40 minutes while a romantic comedy played in the background.

Many social media users since then have shared their Cozy Cardio routines. You can join the trend in many ways, such as wearing loose-fitting clothes, lighting a scented candle or listening to soothing music.

Cozy Cardio sounds like an accessible and gentler way to stay fit. But is it really effective?

Cozy Cardio: Improve your fitness

Ellie Crawley is an online strength and condition coach and founder of Feel fit. She told Healthline about Cozy Cardio, which is a form of exercise that focuses on well-being.

It makes fitness more accessible, and you can develop healthy habits.

She noted that “not everyone feels confident exercising, so creating a space where you feel comfortable — like Cozy Cardio encourages — can make the difference between starting a fitness routine and putting it off.”

“Cozy Cardio is a good place to start, as the more you practice it, the more confident you will become, and who knows what that could lead to?”

Eliza Flynn is a personal trainer for The Warrior Method, and she also loves this casual approach to fitness.

She told Healthline that she has found two types of people: those who enjoy the noisy, busy atmosphere of a gym or fitness class because it is motivating, and those who prefer to exercise at their own speed, in a calmer manner.

Cozy Cardio is a great option for those who fall into the second category, since you can create an environment that suits you. Flynn added that Cozy Cardio also offers a flexible approach to fitness.

She said, “It’s hard to find time for regular, sustainable exercise in the modern lifestyle. So, anything that encourages regular, consistent activity is a win.”

If you remove barriers to exercising, you can work out regularly. And when you exercise consistently, you are more likely to notice improvements like an increase in energy and stamina.

Flynn describes Cozy Cardio by creating your own personal best environment, as it can help to tap into increased motivation, energy, and focus.

She said that it is a more holistic approach to fitness than the social media messages of ‘train crazy’ and ‘go harder or go home.’

Exercise becomes a fun experience and part of your daily life when you follow this method.

What are the health advantages of cardio exercise?

In recent years, strength-training has surpassed cardio in popularity. Both experts agree, however, that cardio has many health benefits. It should make up at least part of your weekly exercise.

Flynn said that regular cardio is a good idea for everyone. It can offset health risks such as smoking, high levels of cholesterol and diabetes.

She added that it can help with weight loss, improve the health of your heart muscle so you can take in more oxygen and even boost your immune system.

The benefits of cardio are not limited to physical health. Flynn says that it can help reduce stress and boost your energy levels.

Strength training can be intimidating for beginners. Cardio is less so.

Flynn said that for those just starting out, gentle cardio can be a good place to begin. It is less painful than traditional weights, and you can increase the intensity gradually.

But cardio should only be one part of your workout routine. If you enjoy Cozy Cardio, you may want to consider adding weight training at some point.

It is important to do this as you get older. Age related muscle loss begins around 30 years of age and can affect your mobility and increase your risk for fractures and falls.

Strength training can help you maintain and increase your muscle mass as you age.

Start a Cozy cardio routine

Keep it simple if you want Cozy Cardio to become a habit.

The main attraction of Cozy cardio is the ease with which it can be started. Flynn said that when something is difficult, it’s easier to put off.

Flynn advises that you should first set aside a space in your home for exercise and decide what type of exercise you want to do.

You may need to purchase equipment depending on what you plan to do.

There are alternatives if you do not want to spend any money. Flynn recommends dancing to music or doing a full-body gentle workout. You can make your own, or you can find one on YouTube that you like.

Flynn says, “There’s no rule as long as you raise your heart rate.”

Crawley gave similar advice. She suggests that if you’re not sure what to do to move to, stick to your favorite songs and listen to your body.

Make time. Cozy Cardio will make it easier to find the time to work out. You can also schedule your workouts.

Crawley suggests setting aside time for yourself. Schedule your movements for when you are most energetic and in tune with yourself.

Crawley suggested that you could schedule a time to work before or after normal working hours.

Flynn said, “Remember Rome was not built in a single day. Take it one step at a time.”

If you don’t exercise at all, start with 30 minutes a week. Then build on that. Don’t forget to break up the 30 minutes into three 10 minute sessions.


Social media may be flooded with grueling strength exercises and slogans such as ‘no gain, no pain’, but Cozy cardio is a trend which takes a kinder, gentler approach.

You can build long-term positive fitness habits by following these tips.

It can be daunting to embark on a new fitness or health journey. You can develop self-compassion by starting slowly and realizing that you do not need to push too hard in order to achieve your best.

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